April 20, 2024


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An English assistant from Kenya and a Spanish assistant from Argentina at Romain-Roland High School in Glamsey.

They arrived on the same train to Glamsey station on September 27, unaware of each other and going to work at the same place, in this case Lycee Romain-Roland.

Lukushi Mahia-ini, 25, of Gonzalo, 70 kilometers southeast of the capital Nairobi, arrived in France a year ago. He spent a year at the Strasbourg Academy at a small college in Lauderburg. “Here, it’s good, it’s family,” he explains. “I was immediately adopted by everyone. I work with two English teachers.”

Diplomacy and Psychology

Among them, Emily Jackett. “It is true that Lukushi quickly picked up its scores and its habits,” the author notes. “She takes care of the seconds, the first and the terminals. In small groups, of course, because classes are high. Thirty students are complex.”

Through Pass-Rin, the young Kenyan studied media and communication at the University of Nairobi before coming to the floating city. “Literature too. I would be very happy if I could get my master’s degree in France. I want to work in diplomacy. When I left Kenya, there were 100 people out of the country.”

It’s a lot to deal with, but I like it.

Three years older than his colleague, Louisiana Janettini-Casnadi comes from Mendoza, home to nearly two million people. Before Romain-Roland High School, it went through Spain. “Through business, I am a psychologist,” he explains. “I want to finish my dissertation quickly and return to work as a psychologist in Argentina.”

In addition to high school, Louisiana offers a few-hour assistant at Janettini-Casnatti Spiron across the street, at Crowd-de-Willett College. “Compared to high school students, college kids are very curious. They want to know everything about everything. I work with fifth, fourth and third students in addition to high school students. It’s a lot to deal with, but I like it.”

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The two young girls will be between the walls of the school until April. “When I have time, I will sing and play eucalyptus,” says Lukushi Mahia — no longer sharing a high school apartment with one of the two Spanish teachers.
According to Louisiana Janettini-Casnatti, he lived in Arms. “It’s not too far. I go there by bike. In my country, Argentina, we ride a lot of bicycles. I’m used to it.”

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