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Best language trips to learn English

Immersion abroad is the best way to progress in a language! Discover our diverse ideas for language trips to learn English.

How to happily integrate business by staying abroad to improve your English? On the one hand, this trip to discover another culture will definitely be an unforgettable experience. On the other hand, full immersion is the most effective way to progress, which is why learning English is nothing better than language trips.

When we speak the language, we think of “summer camp” type trips that are generally designed for young people. But there are many other ways to explore a language! So, regardless of your age, your taste or your subject, you can find the appropriate English language stay. If you like holidays, summer or more, our selection will help you find ideas.

1. Linguistic trips and special camps

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For children and adolescents, special camps are undoubtedly the best way to progress in English. These language lodges allow you to work in your English while spending frequent unforgettable vacations. Also, there is something for all tastes and profiles, especially with different formulas. The most classic is undoubtedly staying in the UK. But you can see other English-speaking countries expecting less English, such as Malta, for a sunny holiday.

And for small budgets or small children, there are also language lodges to learn English in France! The plans for these shelters are as diverse as the goals. Sometimes, real language courses are offered every day for rapid improvement. At other times, days around visits are more organized, but participants stay with English-speaking families.

Finally, to connect business happily, many companies offer themed lodges (Harry Potter, football, theater, etc.). In addition, teenagers and young adults can take advantage of well-organized travel tours to work in their English.

2. EF – Education first

English trips to learn the first language of education

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EF is an organization that specializes in exchanges and travels precisely designed for all ages, especially adults. Founded in 1965, the company offers tailor-made and particularly diverse programs for all ages. In addition, it has the uniqueness of going further than the holiday-type language stay.

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For example, it gives young people the opportunity to start a middle school and spend a school year in a foreign school. For bright students, EF has its own special schools in the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, the company has an online school, “au couple” programs and even training for companies.

You can take language courses at one of its many accredited schools around the world. As you can understand, EF is a reference to staying in the language to learn English!

3. Woofing


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Of the cheaper ways to travel, WOOFing is one of the most popular. Rest assured, this funny name has little to do with shouting. It stands for “Global Opportunities in Organic Farms” and the Global Network of Organic Farms. It aims to encourage volunteers from all over the world to reconnect with the earth by welcoming them to small farms. For their work, volunteers are generally fed, housed, and warmly welcomed.

For a few days, weeks or months, WOOFing is an opportunity to discover new businesses related to land. But above all, it is a great opportunity to participate in a beautiful international community centered on shared values. In addition, by living daily with a family from another country, you can only progress in the local language.

Once your work is done, you can enjoy the road trip for a few days until the next stage. To find the right place for “WOOFer”, visit the social sites that list the participating farms. The good news is, English-speaking countries like Australia and New Zealand especially like WOOFing.

4. Being the “au pair”

Babysitting - Language Learning English

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Do you have a moderate desire to work the land? Do you like the urban experience? In these cases, being “au paired” would be a good choice. Welcome in a family, you have the responsibility of caring for children. The family takes care of your accommodation and usually feeds you, allowing you to stay abroad at low cost. In addition, you will be completely immersed in his daily life, which will be especially useful to progress in English.

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Even here, the formulas are very different. Some families only look for “that couple” during the holidays. But others welcome them throughout the year, especially when they pick up the kids from school and take care of them until the evening. Therefore, this formula will allow you to stay abroad longer, perhaps in conjunction with courses or other activities. In addition, in addition to the classic “babysitting”, some families will invite you to teach children your own language. To find the right home for you, turn to specialized companies or word of mouth.

5. University Exchanges


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For students, a university exchange is definitely the best way to immerse yourself in a foreign country for a long time. First, the fact that you have to take courses in English is progressing very fast. Second, student social life provides an excellent opportunity to practice the language on a daily basis and in different contexts. Finally, it is an opportunity to discover fascinating cultural features such as life on large Anglo-Saxon campuses.

The most needed university transfer program is definitely ERASMUS in Europe. But there are many international programs specific to each school or university. So, do your research, but do not hesitate anymore! Because exchange is undoubtedly one of the best language stay options to learn, progress and enjoy English.

6. Language Assistant

English Teacher - Language learns English

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We have already seen many ways to work abroad in a service transfer environment. But can find “real” paid work with appropriate formulas. For example, Language Assistant is a specially designed program for staying abroad for four to twelve months. In addition, it aims to transform you into a player in a truly cultural exchange.

In fact, the role of the language assistant is to share his or her language and his or her culture with students and alumni. Assigned to school or university he assists language teachers.

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He can manage a student body by himself by providing lessons in conversation, civilization etc. Specially designed for youth and students, this language study itinerary is a great opportunity to learn English.

7. Lee Visa Work Holidays


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Want to stay immersed abroad for a long time? The work holiday visa program is a great option for young people over the age of 18. In fact, your visa (payment) will allow you to work abroad for four months to two years.

The choice is wide as the sixteen participating countries are spread across all continents. As for the English-speaking countries, there are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, but also Hong Kong and Singapore.

You can have an unforgettable experience abroad while financing your trip with work. Once you get this visa in your pocket, all you have to do is pack your bags and look for small jobs on the spot. Because this program will give you access to odd jobs in various fields like agriculture and catering above all else.

To find a job, it is desirable to have a basic minimum command of the language. But without a doubt, immersing yourself in the local “real life” will increase your English proficiency faster!

8. International Voluntary Charity

Civil Service - Language trips to learn English

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For young professionals and future professionals, other programs allow them to work abroad. The most important is the international volunteer charity, which targets French youth between the ages of 18 and 28. Administered by the Government, which includes the execution of civil service work in an organization or organization.

This work is paid for by a stipend and the participant is supervised by the French government. Combining industrialization, immersion and linguistic training, international volunteering is one of the best ways to gain experience abroad!

From camps for young people to real professional experiences, there are many ways to go abroad. With this guide, you now have the keys to finding the right language curriculum for you to make rapid progress in English.