April 18, 2024


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Tennis player, rugby player, Asta Ham … these “English” words invented by the French

Today, it is Roland-Carros who inspires me, friends of words. Of course, I was only a tennis fan when I won the French, and the last time I saw a finalist was when Yannick won the Nova Cup. But, even though we are only interested from a distance, for the past two weeks, it has been hard to hear about tennis. There’s one thing that annoys me: it is The term tennis player.

We were talking last weekend “Health Boss”, Has a nonsensical appeal to Anglo-Saxon as it is mostly written in the English style. But at least “pass without E”, if it’s not French, it’s real English.

But many of the words discovered by French thought that they speak English, by mistake or snobbery, did not even come under English. For example, the term tennis player appeared with us in 1903. This Canada Dry English : It sounds like English, it sounds like English, but it’s not English. We developed a plural and feminine English style, tennis player, tenniswoman, no more English than my grandmother from Chorus.

Try these words with Anglo-Saxons and you will find that you do not understand. We say tennis player, in English. A “tennis player” for an American is like a “tennis man”. “Rugbyman”, first recorded in France in 1909, has never been in English: it is a rugby player, said in English.

Why did we find these words?

Sometimes they were Created by curiosity, By brands or advertisers, to give an attractive taste to their products. Here, if you ask me to play Baby-foot In an English-speaking country, you will pass for a perk: you will think you want to play with a “baby’s foot”. That’s it, “baby foot”. On this fossball, Or table football (or table soccer), in English. Because, remember what we call “football” is what we call “football” in the United States! With Mama Sam we call football “American football” … or ball!

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Here, stay in the old bistro games, The pinball machine is called the “pinball machine” In English. Flipper, when it’s not been a good dolphin since our childhood, it’s a paddle. Ah, and the word we hear everywhere, people: Remember these are “people” in English. The good thing is, because we are all people, we are all people, it’s class!

French brands believed to be foreign

Is The amount of brands that are believed to be foreign and notHollywood Chewing Gum French, to begin with (well, created by an American who came to T-Tag in Normandy), but don’t look for them in the US, they don’t seem to be there! Weston shoes, the symbol of London luxury பிறந்த born in Limoges, while kickers came from Solet.

The chert dresses, which express Italian elegance, are made in Paris, Fetta salakis, with the Greek name in common, loser. Do not confuse the valuable Asta ham in Italy and the confusing Asta ham (Asta brand!) – the product is not accused of cheating, because it is produced in a village in Iser. Called Asta!

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