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The most beautiful places for a language study trip


Do you want to improve your English or speak it fluently? What would you say in this regard to organize a language study tour? Traveling like this, among other things, will allow you to combine business with pleasure, but you still need to choose the right place. To help you, I have attached here a selection of the most beautiful places for a language study trip.

Island of Malta for a language study trip

The island of Malta is not the first destination that people think of when they want to embark on a language study journey to improve their English. The fact is that Malta can become an interesting place in terms of learning (everyone speaks English) and in terms of relaxation.

Thanks to forty or more language schools scattered throughout the island, Take a language study tour in Malta Can only prove to be beneficial. These internationally renowned English schools will really learn Make your language immersive unique. You can follow General or intensive courses, As well as private lessons. The school also offers preparation courses IELTS And business English courses for professional use, max 8 to 12 students per class Allow yourself to progress quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the immersion of the language, the island of Malta invites you on a magical break to rediscover the joys of relaxation and well-being. Exotic beaches, mild climate of the island and its Hot people Among other things, it makes your stay unforgettable.

London in the UK

According to the latest figures, nearly 300,000 French people have chosen London as their language base. Located about two hours by train from Paris, London is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for a successful language study trip.

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Its one of the features you appreciate in English capital Rich cultural heritage. The Big Ben, the Tower of London and the British Museum are some of the buildings you can admire during your stay.

Another feature you will love is the vibrant lifestyle of London. This is a really famous city Lively page and its funk and humorous culture. However, if you have chosen the British capital for your stay, these features should not distract you from your primary goal of improving your English.

Auckland in New Zealand

In my humble opinion one cannot speak of an English language study tour without mentioning New Zealand. For good reason, almost 98% of New Zealanders use it The language of Shakespeare To express itself.

I recommend you stay in Auckland, the country that was the homeland of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The capital of New Zealand and the second largest city in the country is truly a dynamic and vibrant place Nature lovers. In the city’s famous mountains they can buy long hikes or enjoy its beaches.

Australia to learn English

If you are looking for one Exotic country Immerse yourself in your languageAustralia may be the best place for you. It is a country characterized by the immense diversity of its landscape. It is really easy to move from a cosmopolitan metropolis to a landscape where nature has regained its rights.

Australia is a predominantly English speaking country. However, English spoken in this country is sometimes one Brilliant combination of British and American English. So it is important to take this little extra feature into consideration before you choose.

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Canada today is a place that attracts a large number of French people. Such cities Vancouver, Toronto or Victoria Most of them in particular choose to improve their language level in English.

Canada is not only the best destination for improving your fluency in English. For many years now, this country has been one of the largest providersOpportunities for work or study.

United States

The American dream is the dream of many around the world. However, America is not limited by the wealth it can offer you. This is a great place to improve your English language skills.

Keep that in mind, though American English is somewhat different from British English In both grammar and pronunciation. It should also be noted that learning British English is the only privilege on school benches. Take this into account when choosing the best goal.