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More contagious, closer to English and Indian … We can understand the “anxiety” variant found in Bordeaux

Updated on 05/24/2021 at 09:53

5/24/2021 9:32 am Posted in the morning

The giant cluster found in this district of Bordeaux is the cause of a “worry” variant.
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More contagious, closer to English and Indian … We can understand the “anxiety” variant found in Bordeaux

05/24 at 09:32

Update 05/24 at 9:53 am

A district north of the capital Gironde has been called upon to be vaccinated after a cluster of “very rare” variants was discovered, which is more similar to English.

Professor Denise Malvi, epidemiologist at the University of Porto Hospital and a member of the Science Council, understands the strategy –“Not published in France”– Fight against A cluster was found in the Bagelan district and formed from a variant “Anxiety”.

Where does this variation come from?

“This variant has the face of the English variant and has many additional variants, including the 484Q. It is known in some Indian variants, but he bought it here in an automated way. We know it is associated with transmission. It has already been seen from time to time in France, but in closed communities and semi Only in secret. ”

Why is the Bordeaux case different?

“The original nature of the Bordeaux situation is that this variation spreads to the community, i.e. not restricted to specific locations (residential or hospital for the elderly, teacher’s reference, etc.). There are chains. They are very tonic and quick. “

How to spin it?

“Health officials have decided on a regional measure for a large population, compared to where the transfer chains appeared most brutal ten days ago. This strategy includes screening and mass vaccination (19,000 additional doses, author’s note), rapid and transgeneration. .This bunch is mainly about young people because of their simple shapes (Covit-19) we know that this mutation is associated with transmission, we can not play with fire, we allow it to set, so we are in a situation of breaking, but of a variation that manifests itself in clusters of social expansion Suitable for single situation.In France.If there is an original character in this Bordeaux situation it is carried out through vaccine intervention.It is bold in its form.It is undoubtedly when this type of cluster renews itself odele. “

Can the situation be repeated elsewhere?

“This cannot be missed as long as the inter-virus chase continues and the community gains its collective immunity, especially as the virus spreads in aquitaine.

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