June 19, 2024


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All of the “call for an educational journey” in English

For three days, Paul-Lange’s high school learned Shakespeare’s language.

Paul-Lange’s high school teaching team has organized an “English week” to stimulate English learning, which seems to be directly concerned with the subjects that are often overlooked by high school students. Due to the Pentecost weekend being a three-day week, from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th May, all users of the establishment are invited to speak exclusively in English.

“English is the international language of movement, work and escape. So this week was given as an invitation to travel, which breaks the monopoly of this period, which will last much longer. “, School Principal Mohammad Boujadi commented. He stressed the possibility of stolen moments from a message that creates tough questions among teaching staff between the future of young people and the image of others as a source of danger and danger.

A regular meeting is planned

But this English week first served an educational purpose, to encourage high school students to practice the language without hindering their mastery level. Understanding that one can relate even with a bad vocabulary and rough pronunciation is a question of restraining oneself, overcoming one’s fears, one’s awkwardness.

As it has been recognized that unused ability is dying, the teaching team plans to create a regular meeting that will create the opportunity for high school students to speak English.

By practicing English at school, students understand that as adults progress with difficulties, students need to follow the strategies they work with, and the right to make mistakes is a natural obvious fact. Making mistakes in the handling of language is no longer a reason to come against it, but rather a necessary step to remove ridicule and shyness.

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In the context of international exchanges where communication takes place mainly in English, high school students are called to a language, a communication tool for appropriate English, which is not only a discipline, it gives marks and you will forget after passing your bachelorette. The project came together and all the staff of the institution played, the students were surprised to hear the instructions to the supervisors in English, they chose in the language of Shakespeare. Their food in the canteen.

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