May 17, 2022


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Toulouse. Regular London Pierce, Ambient and Decorations: A new English pub is coming to town center

A new traditional English pub, called “Seven Sisters,” will open in the city of Toulouse on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, during the renovation. (© DR)

“Seven Sisters”. This is the name of this real address to find in Pink City, in case it is redefined … a new one English Pub Tradition will open its doors in the city center Toulouse. Since the establishment has a terrace, tables can be set up outside quickly. Wednesday, May 19, 2021, Full opening is expected in June depending on health restrictions.

With English pub codes

80 m2, Whose name is Seven Sisters London District, 26 will be located at Raymond IV. Very close to the bus station and the Jean-de-Arc metro, he wants to breed Codes of traditional English pubs.

Led by this new establishment? Thirty-year-old boys “a little disappointed in the pub scene in Toulouse”. Two managers, Evan Petros, A journalist who specializes in reuse rugby, and Paul Waller, An Englishman was already a manager at a bubble in Toulouse Jennifer Dortzman In this adventure.

Tapes and trim So British

In Toulouse, except for a few companies that are part of a chain, there are not many English pubs, they are mostly Irish … We are going to give a different opinion from the others: a real real English pub! From the music to the decoration, we wanted to be as close as possible to the atmosphere of London, including Pierce.

Evan PetrosAssociate Manager of New English Pub Sevens Sisters

Established in place of an American restaurant “Once Upon a Time in the West”, The pub is subject to major works to get a look So British. At risk: ” Regular tapes British style, frames and decoration ”are reminiscent of stores across the channel …

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The seven sisters have established the usual British tapes and ornaments
Seven sisters have established the common tapes and ornaments of England (© DR)

Pierce made in London

On the drink side, seven sisters will serve Special English, A small card Cocktail, A choice Rums, Whiskeys And Gin, With ten references to each. Of course, hop lovers will be offered an elegant variety Pierce … Mainly English: There will be seven in the draft, and a good fifteen bottles. Especially ” London Pierce, where no one works in Toulouse London Pride, or Fish Time, Bale Alley and the IPA. “

On beer, in fact, Ivan Petros “at a lower price than all the other pubs in Toulouse: we will 50 coins a euro cheaper than the competition On beer. We will create a lower margin, but we want to create a customer base! »Some pints will cost 5 euros, and even 4 euros Happy hours.

The London Pierce, never seen before in Toulouse, will be offered among seven sisters (© DR)

Event catering, events and competitions

To clear all this up, the seven sisters have created “a little catering”. A la carte? Burgers, fish and vessels, But even Vegetarian bag … And Duck breast ! On the menu: a palette Tapas to share, For 20 euros.

With some Themed evening “new” and “common in the UK”, The Sevens sisters also like to differentiate the pleasures of entertainment: before opening, 26 different and diverse events are already on the show.

Like any good English pub, the establishment will air Games, Three large screens. In the French capital of the Oval, Evan Petros and his associates will be openly broadcast Rugby posters… but in the land of the Reds, Gunners and other Spurs, Football – English and French – There will be too!

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The seven sisters have established the usual British tapes and ornaments
The seven sisters have established the usual British tapes and ornaments (© DR)