June 16, 2024


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“Order!” : At the Dippy Nautical Club, you learn English by rowing

Graham Breeze provides instruction in English to Providence College students. (© CN, Tippee)

If rowing was first used as a means of transportation in Egypt, Greece and ancient Rome, it seems likely that due to its invention in terms of sporting aspect English. The race is especially famous between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the first edition of which dates back to 1829.

After many years B Onédicte Ouvry, Chairman Nautical Club From Dippy (Sean-Maritime), Approves the story by creating a new part.

“It’s been running through my head for a while. I wanted to propose something to England, which is very close to us. Four years ago, we had a meeting with the New Haven Club, especially when we sympathized with Graham Breeze. Gradually, I told him about the rowing program in English, and he immediately agreed to take care of it. “

B Onédicte OuvryDippy is president of the Nautical Club

The idea was launched, and it was only to be implemented. Bénédicte Ouvry has been in contact with many companies, and it is finally a class Law Providence College This is the first advertisement of a process to be repeated in the coming years. Every Tuesday, fourth graders find a game in an unusual way.

Not a French word

The principle is simple. Students C.N. Once Dippe went through the gate, there was no longer a French word, they only had to speak English. Both on campus, but this functionality is available in many forms when they go on a whale boat ride Workshops Theoretical and practical.

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Beyond the threshold of shyness, everything goes well with seriousness, but even a little good humor. Benedict Auvergne says: “It’s good, it’s new to the club’s coaches. Graham Breeze A good teacher and college students learn very quickly ”.

So, of course, a few words are easy to remember Row, row, row… beat speed, but not too All together All together, the new neo-rovers do not need lessons to declare themselves Winners !