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Noir-n-Och. Veronica Bonnett, English teacher and music lover

Veronica Bonnade also now offers ‘business’ courses for professionals. (© Norman Awareness)

A great year in the United States, a School Teacher Training, The desire to learn like that … Veronica Bonnett, Living Noir-en-Och (Euro), Is an attractive woman and is curious about her various activities. She is giving now English lessons for children and adults.

Veronica, who was a schoolteacher until 2012, changed his boundaries by becoming an animator and gardener at the 1001 Vegetable Conservatory in Bhoomsnil. Seriously though, this work fascinates her, but she already has in mind another direction that has been close to her heart for a long time: creating her own English curriculum. Like his work in the vegetable garden, he was involved in creating The English Factory, an association that creates an English association for children 7 years and older. Playful approach to Shakespeare’s language. His son Cabin, then 7 years old, will be his first “student”. What could be more motivating than this when friends come on Wednesdays?

The ‘English Factory’ allowed the most exciting evenings among adults who wanted to use their knowledge of English at “Franklys” to exchange, play and participate in Thanksgiving or even St. Patrick’s themed evenings, regardless of their status. Both groups of children and adults go on a day trip to Dover Castle in England, with the children going to London with their parents.

In 2015, both of these experiences gave Veronica the idea Build Your Own Business “In English Please! “ Since she has become a teacher again she is somehow getting back to her original training, but this is English time for both adults and children. Whether in group or private lessons or through video conferencing, its goal is to teach the language in a fun way with “Learn, Have Fun!” “(Learn while having fun).

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Blues Road

In 2018, when her self-employment career was already going well, the news broke: Cyril, her husband, an English teacher, had agreed to exchange her position in Bernay for a year with an American colleague from Ohio.

This year has been full of experiences for the whole family. There were also trips, including Alaska, which were very rewarding for the children, using the American school system, but especially the “Blues Road” in Mississippi. “We met a Franco-American band called ‘Lil’ Red and the Rooster, whose guitarist is Beaumont-Le-Roger,” says Veronica, whose eyes are full of stars.

Already known in the context of singer and musician Bernie and Mesnil-en-Oche, Veronica has been playing the cross flute since her childhood and is now interested in the blues, a type of music not much known in France. “During the live sessions I had the opportunity to complete my technique on harmonica,” he continues. “

“You come with your instrument and the audience dances to this lively music to play blues on stage. It’s an amazing experience!”

Veronica Bonnett

Thanks to this year, Veronica has gained more confidence in music and career. Since returning to France, he has continued his studies for adults and children. “What a satisfaction,” Veronica wants to say, “discovering her students year after year and seeing their progress and their self-confidence!” “

Recently Veronica Bonnett Bernie Terre de Normandy intervened in the tourism office and is proud of their progress and the satisfaction of their foreign visitors in “speaking the English”.

2020 for Professor-Artist, year My melody, Music and interactive show for kids ages 3 to 12 (in English of course) with music by Pierre Legolier and Pauline Riant. It was presented in a show version at La Barre-en-Oche in September 2020, performed at various leisure centers including Mesnil-en-Oche and Kansas. He still hosts the show in the department’s schools.

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Veronica Ponnuded is not only a musician, but also expresses her teaching style, playful and virtuous, and her passion for motivating her students.

Our correspondent Dominic Dvox.

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