May 26, 2024


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Line Perth: Teaching English with

“This is my invention of the year. It’s easy to integrate into my class practices.” Line Berthaud, an English teacher at Lawrence High School in St. Valerie (26), wants to learn about This online application allows you to practice speaking easily in exam situations and sequences of subjects..

Oral training record

“It’s a tool developed for other fields and it’s interesting to use it in English.” As Line Berthod reminds us, was created by two teachers from a French high school in Tokyo, a physics-chemistry teacher and a classical literature teacher. But language teachers make it their own, just like history and geography teachers with Lernicaps. allows you to easily record oral exercises and make them available to students or teachers. It is free, efficient and very easy to use. It works well with QR codes. “It’s easy to use with a smartphone,” says El Berthad, “which is an important point for students.”

A practical tool suitable for students’ smartphones

“We have a few hour lessons in English, and students have some time to talk, practice, and make oral products. This application allows students to speak and listen to each other very easily,” El Berthad explains. You can post a comment, for example the answer key for students. But with a QR code, it can be easily written with an oral instruction, which is more likely to be realized than written instruction. “We can do time training as well as a choice,” El Berthad explains.

According to her, is more practical than using an application like Vocaroo with ENT. “You have to hand over a QR code for it to work,” he says. “You can easily submit a topic and get the publication of a group or the whole class. If I want to start a student in the preparation of an island, the students will use their smartphones and the students will be engaged in the work while doing. ‘Another island do something else”.

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“This is my discovery this year,” he says. We share it.

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