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English friends, make your own sausage, it’s trendy!

On the sidelines of the G7, this Sunday, June 13, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson chased a protocol (following Brexit) that would prevent sausages from being shipped from the island of Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Emmanuel Macron responded to the anger of the UK Prime Minister by insisting that the applicable rules on July 1 prohibit the sale of Toulouse sausages in Paris, saying that “Paris and Toulouse are part of the same country”. So the tensions between the two countries …

In the G7, the sausage war between Macron and Johnson

It is understood that the root of the problem is not gastronomic. But there are quality sausage lovers on both sides of the channel. Therefore, we have chosen to publish this article again in April, which underscores the fact that “Barbecue Friend” is a great food chefs no longer hesitate to put on their menu, is very simple to cook and never fails. Home:

A pan-fried sausage, sauerkraut with dried thyme, rosemary and the right amount of fennel, a creamy mashed potato in butter, dripping a little well on top and garnished with distilled chicken broth.

It is the signature dish of Thomas Brochett’s bistro, Les Arlots, at the 10th Arrondissement in Paris, which won the 2017 “Food” Prize for Best Sausage-Mash. His second, at the time, Lostidia Wiss could not get it yet: “When he told me that people were coming from all over Paris to eat a sausage mash, I thought he had taken melons! Yet this is what happened.”

The invention of sausage dates back to antiquity: to prevent scarcity, animal proteins were stored in envelopes sealed at the ends. The word is a derivative of the Latin language A salt; It means “salt”, and refers to its preservative process, salt. Sometimes, we mix it with minced meat and put less classic pieces, not to be seen or known …

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Sausage mouth

A simple dish, made with the best ingredients, A huge hit. An upbeat winter dish, sausage is a staple of summer dishes. The barbecue is his favorite playground, and Roseanne glass in hand, the man who plays smartly around the kids, is a classic on sunny days.

Because sausage attracts everyone. Chef Eric Fraschen also chose Saturday, ” Family Day “, In the 8th arrondissement, place on the menu in Lazarus. This is a box: Sixty exchanges are planned in this one day. So when I saw the question pass on Instagram “Where can I buy casing?”, We were told that the sausage took the path of bread. Control has made us bread sellers, will we become home-made sausage pros? Anyway, if we trust the followers, the process is very enjoyable.

Chris and Marjolin, butcher butcher shop in Porto

Chris and Marzoline, butcher butcher shop in Porto

A kind of hand yoga, chef and writer Anne Ettore promises us, prepares meter sausages in her spare time: “It’s very relaxing for me.” Lastidia visce, for whom “Sausage is the best antidepressant and keeps everyone in a good mood”, One day he asked for a sausage stuff for his birthday – a machine that attaches an envelope to fill it with flesh.

She uses only pork shoulder, garnished with celery seeds and a little fresh coriander. But never fat, because “Pig enough”. Good to always remember …

The book : “The Homemade Sausage” by Mylan Subilaka

Ten Amazing Ways to Make and Prepare Sausage at Home, with Useful Professional Tips for Sunday Delicatessen.

Versions DL Epoor, 24 pp., 8.

Address : Butch Butcher Shop in Bordeaux.

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Artisan butchers Chris and Marjolin offer homemade pork sausages, veal sausages (about € 20 per kilo) with roasted fennel and wild garlic.

117 Bis Cords Victor-Hugo, Bordeaux. Information: bouche-bordeaux.fr

Bottle : Ngrette 2019

Like a rose red, with a long mesh. Its spicy notes, combining circularity and character, go perfectly with the first grilles of spring.

Eric Sage, 11. For sale ainsifontaine.com