June 17, 2024


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Announcement of the English and Japanese versions of Lair Land Story 2

This article translates automatically. Let us know if there are any errors.

A new entry History of the cave Series, also called History of Rare Earths Is on the way. Working with LLS Team, Circle Entertainment and FlyHigh Works Lair Land Story 2: The Mist of SeaTile screen Princess Maker-like appears on PCs and its Steam page is now live. Localization is planned in English and Japanese. However, there are no release dates yet.

In Layer Land Story2, The soldiers follow a soldier and his half-sister when they meet in their hometown of Chainsaw. She is known for many mysteries such as supernatural events, ancient ruins and things that appear on her beach. Your goal is to help Vanina grow as a person. Your decisions about his life will determine his statistics, relationships with others and his future. After a certain number of years in the game, you will get a result based on its development.

Here is a trailer showing how it works.
[Contenu intégré]

As for locations, they appeared on the main page as a discussion of game plans after they were launched. Both Layer land2 English and Japanese versions are mentioned. However, the announcement added: “This will be important work for us, but we will do everything we can to do it.” This means that they are not guaranteed. Another planned additional content will meet Vanina’s additional career, additional skills for her and many NPCs. There will be additional methods and DLC.

Original History of the cave Appeared on many sites and got remakes. People can see this on PSP, PC and most recently Nintendo Switch. It is not available in English.

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Lair Land Story 2: The Mist of Sea Goes to computers in Chinese with English and Japanese localization planning.

This article translates automatically. Let us know if there are any errors.