July 23, 2024


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Why take CPF English training?

Why take CPF English training?

English and all modern languages ​​in general are the eligibility criteria that are strongly considered by most French or foreign companies to access any position.

This can only be proved by one Certificate of Approval Obtained at the end of an intensive training and equivalent reputable experiment. The Professional Training Account This offers, so you can take the training you want according to your needs and skills and your objectives.

Why take a course in English at CPF?

Whatever your level in English, it is a good idea to improve it and get an internationally recognized certificate. In fact, mastering English will become a real asset, which will greatly help you to achieve the position you are aiming for in most professions. In France, the Vocational Training Account is specially designed so that you can access all these types of training to obtain certification certifying your knowledge and language skills to your employers or to integrate with any other training class.

What are the English courses and certifications on CPF?

There are many exercises and English tests Or a multilingual that is recognized and universally recognized by most organizations. All of these certificates are established for the same purpose: to assess a candidate’s ability and to assess his or her language ability to determine if he or she is eligible to join a company. As a rule, these exams certify the individual’s ability through oral and written exams and are quoted as follows:

  • Lilight (direct language selection)
  • LINGUASKILL (ex: Plots)
  • DCL (Diploma in Language Proficiency)
  • BLISS (Bright Language International Speech Solution)
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My training account offers you many offers and training classes to help you demonstrate or improve your position in the English language. Reference programs you need to register.