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English is the most widely used language in the professional world and it has become essential for the productivity of the company. For some employers, this is a significant selection criterion when recruiting.

On the other hand, a study shows that 50% of French people are lagging behind professionally due to lack of proficiency in English. When faced with this, it is important for companies to provide specific training to their employees.

This is a great way to integrate the skills of employees, but also their competitiveness and the international connection of the company.

What are the various challenges of professional English for companies?

Professional English must be internationally competitive

Nowadays, the world is interconnected and communication has become an absolutely essential lever. This explains the importance of common language. Also, it is not uncommon for employees to encounter situations where they use English for conversation, even if they are not native speakers. Today, companies are often called Communication in an international context English dominates. For this purpose, professional English will increase their competitiveness and allow them to face international competition. There are also offers Intensive English training Allows you to get results very quickly.

English: The # 1 language used on the Internet

English is a language that is currently found everywhere and on the Internet. More than 80% of the pages on the Internet are actually in English. Proficiency in business English is mandatory, regardless of the field of operation of a company Ensure a good digital presence. It is not necessary to create a 100% English site, for example providing the English version and the French version. Especially since the use of this language on the Internet is an international communication vector. So this is the perfect way to gain visibility in other parts of the world, helping to improve web.formation: staff in English.

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Business English and a Evolutionary solution for employees. To do this, the company must first define the aims and objectives of the training and recruit the relevant staff. They will definitely enjoy learning courses and will act quickly, especially with intense sessions.

In addition, having a common goal related to language proficiency can help employees develop a team spirit. This will be very useful for future projects. Also, brings professional English in large quantities Change in the management of the company. However, to maintain momentum within teams, it is important for leaders to carefully select the appropriate training model.

Improving the personal skills of employees with business English

With a common language, employees will be more comfortable in internal interactions with foreign colleagues, but also in external exchanges with international clients. Training teams in English are therefore committed Excellent productivity And creates a better atmosphere within the company. So employees will feel more involved in the company.

Modern training solution for employees

Employees can now quickly learn business English through digital training. It has to be said that digital resources can be a great learning tool to motivate employees. They can follow training modules at their own pace and with greater autonomy. For the company, this will allow Achieve financial savings, Knowing that online English training is cheaper than traditional training.

English in the workplace to strengthen the employer brand

Professional English offers companies significant benefits based on them Return on investment (King). In addition, this language has a positive impact:

  • The glamor of the company,
  • Employee loyalty,
  • Boss brand promotion,
  • Personnel movement and versatility,
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Companies that provide professional English training to their teams will enhance their brand image. They will have more opportunities tooAttract new skills Those who are constantly looking for new developments.

Business English: There are many solutions

Provided by online training companies Many formulas for companies. In particular there is a difference between e-learning training, mixed-learning formula and intensive courses.


With the development of digital tools, e-learning sites seem to be the most suitable solution for English training in companies. This is a method that is accessible to employees Many quality resources. These are available online and at any time. Employees gain full autonomy and can learn anywhere at any time at their own pace.

E-learning makes it possible to take into account all professional restrictions Staff training In the best situation. In addition, everyone has the freedom to customize their training in English according to their level. Dedicated sites typically provide monitoring data, which allows managers to review learners’ progress.

Lay mixed-learning

It is also possible to associate the company learning session with the supervisor. It is hybrid-learning, consisting of changing the e-learning session and face-to-face session in the presence of a trainer. This solution allows employees Work at their own pace, When closely maintained to maintain condition. They can edit theoretical parts at any time.

Intensive English courses

If the company wants employees to run faster, it can turn to serious English courses. Overall, this method allows for instant results. It generally integrates English lessons in autonomy And the support of a coach.

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Business English has many benefits for businesses. It also helps to motivate employees by providing better competitiveness internationally and making them more versatile. It has become easier today to accept this language Plurality of proposed formulas By training systems.

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