June 18, 2024


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Limoux: Theater in English for high school students in Ruffié

The pantomime theatrical tradition, offered at Christmas in Great Britain, is maintained by Englishmen living in the area. This year, the first show was presented to high school students.

Despite Brexit’s administrative twists and turns, a large British community resists living in the area. Sometimes the citizens of His merciful majesty change their customs and practices to where they live.

The UK has a theatrical tradition of winter, the pantomime, which many Britons consider an essential part of year-end celebrations. The programs are thus presented across the channel where small towns have their own group and program. Pantomime (or simply “panto”) has its roots in the 15th and 16th century traditions of the Commedia dell Arte, one of the earliest forms of Italian drama. The “formula” of these products is similar to that of the British pantomime. Like a festival,

Wearing cross-dressing is often the order of the day for the reverse of the volunteer gender.

Presented and performed on local soil in the presence of a majority of English speakers, recently, an initiative for education and recreation helped high school students from Ruffié to attend an event. In fact, more than a hundred students of Jacques-Rufi’s second and first grades occupied the Cornelius Flags Theater.

If there was one Burlesque piece, this first performance (there will be two more over the weekend) had a somewhat revised storyline for the theme. Beauty and danger.

Public participation

Although at times British comedy may seem inaccessible to all indigenous peoples, laughter is universal. The limousine “Frenchmen” loudly expressed their satisfaction in front of the jokes of this burlesque piece. The limoxines were well versed in text and lines in English for an hour and a half, reflecting the revolts of someone close to us from a Charlie Chaplin or Penny Hill.

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The uniqueness of the Phantom show lies in the participation of the public. Thanks to hints, reflections or interruptions presented on the background screen, the audience reacts loudly to specific moments of the play.

In the strength of this extraordinary experience, the high school students appreciated this English lesson and this kind of educational teaching.