June 18, 2024


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Why the French are “disastrous” when the British are “enough”

This British daily explores one of the key differences between the French and English half-twins. If the French people were to live by a terrible catastrophe, the English would benefit by exchanging their relative carelessness for a more critical approach.

British Daily Financial Times Draw a contrasting portrait of the two forces on either side of the channel. Given their importance in the international arena, their β€œhypcentralisme is absurd”Or their GDP differs by a characteristic feature that is deeply rooted in the UK (the author insists he is talking about the UK, not the UK) and France: “English is enough, the French are catastrophic.”

Funds describe the internationally-recognized pessimistic goals as having a bad taste for chaos: this is enough to see the extent to which military forums are broadcast.Vague Blog ” And the provocation of an impossible civil war shook public opinion. It is also a testament to the level of approval of some talks. “StupidMarine Le Pen wrote about the economic and social decline of the country.

Successive “distortions”

According to journalist Simon Kupper, the reason lies in a violent and painful story above all else. In



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