June 18, 2024


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An English biker was killed in a road accident on RN2144 in Colombia

A two-wheeler driver was killed in a car crash around 5pm on Saturday, October 8th. Events took place on RN 2144, near the Columbians Karting roundabout, heading towards Montluen.

The debris of the two vehicles was thrown several tens of meters away from the impact. The victim was an English biker in his sixties. He was traveling with two Britons at the time of the accident. One of his comrades, who was shocked but not injured, was taken care of by firefighters.

The two-wheeler driver died in an accident with a coach between Nansey and Oressey

The driver of the car was taken to hospital

The driver of the car, which was completely submerged in the bumper, was taken to Saint-Amand-Montrand Hospital. His days were not in danger. According to first observations, he would have hit the last column of the Bikers team after a break. He will be asked by Gendermary when his health permits.

Two ambulances were assembled from Saint-Amand-Montrand and one from Sorrenton-to-Cher, as well as a pecking vehicle. A total of 13 firefighters were dispatched to the scene of the accident.

At 8 p.m., RN 2144 heading towards Montluen was no longer blocked.

Gerard Machet and Marion Ferret

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