June 19, 2024


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“Do”, “Speak English” … Five mistakes to avoid in your applications

Imagine: you noticed your application, it was presented in a clear and eye-catching way, your profile matched the ad in every way … Yes, but from the first line, the spelling is inadvertently slipped into your prose. Could this be one of the following five errors?

  • Write “for” instead of “For”.

You apply for thisAttention Recruiter, you want to retain her Attention… You see, in this case it’s all about thatAttention ! We use “for” when doing something for respect or for someone’s benefit. Your application, wisely, does not seem to fit this definition …

  • Forget the “n” for the professional

Want to highlight your “professional experience”? You are wrong to delete it. But don’t forget the two “ns”! We write in English Professional. Such as Staff, It doubles its “n”.

  • “English” (language) capital

If you write “practice”English”, You are referring to someone from the UK, which is not a concern for your recruiter. On the other hand, if you speak the language of Shakespeare, it isEnglish, With a small case.

  • Ask for an interview and put a “t” at the end

The purpose of which application? Get an interview, of course! Attention, name Maintenance “t” is not picked up. If you want to put one, it’s because you think of the verb To maintain Combined 3rd person singular Current note: in, elle, on Maintains.

  • Place “s” in “Interest” in “Interest Centers”

They usually come at the end of a CV, they are … areas of interest! “Centers” are not “s”, but “of interest”, because those centers are of interest to you, and you are interested in them. Are these video games? In this case, there are no “s” in the “video”.

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