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English: 10 key expressions to sell your projects better

Released on February 19 2022 at 10:30

Whether you are a leader, manager, employee or student, it is important to know the specific number Genetic expressions In English. Selecting 10 people around a theme, that project.

1. Roll the ball

This colorful expression means, for example, that you can start the process after your project is verified: in other words, it’s time to move things forward.

2. Have plenty / too much on your plate

When you are actively working on a project, there may be a lot on your plate, and there may be many important tasks to complete and manage. So it would be useful to know the English expression “there is a lot / too much on your plate”.

3. Progress

First used in a marine environment in the late 19th century, the term refers to the forward movement of a boat and means “progress”.

If you want to let your project progress – relatively fast or slow – to your step, you can say: “We have not made any progress on this project”. Or rather, “we are making progress on this project”.

4. On-track / off-track

This English expression is very practical to express the progress of a project: “On track” means everything is on track.

“Off track”, on the other hand, prevents something from going awry or the project or discussion going as planned.

5. At eleven o’clock

The best translation of this expression is “at the last minute”.

For example, it’s best to announce at the last minute that your management has agreed to increase the project budget!

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6. Shower of thought

This idiomatic twist, which means “shower of ideas”, is synonymous with this Brainwashing. It therefore refers to a collective response to the emergence of ideas.

7. Up and running

If your project is “increasingly running”, it is in progress, which means it is starting to work well.

8. In the pipeline

This expression is translated as “in the pipes”. If you have an idea or a plan “in the pipeline”, it means that you are preparing a plan and it should start soon. When Of an appointment At the beginning of the year with your co-workers, you can announce to them: “We have some amazing plans for 2022! “.

9. Above the air

If an object is “in the air”, it means that nothing has been decided yet and it is suspended.

10. Give the green light

If you want to tell your team that management has finally verified your plan, you can use the words “Give the green light”: “The committee gave the green light to my project.”

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