June 18, 2024


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The famous English archeological site Stonehenge had contacts all over Europe

What are the other secrets of Stonehenge? An exhibition opening at the British Museum in London on Thursday, February 17th, presents visitors with more than 430 pieces of discoveries in the original edition of “The World of Stonehenge” (“The World of Stonehenge”) that frequently exchange and technological advances between the British Isles and Europe. Millennia BC shared.

In the dark room where all these objects are on display, for the first time in some UK, the noise of seas, birds, instruments … was predicted several thousand years ago. The question of Stonehenge, the most famous archeological site in England, has already been drilled more secrets than in the British Isles or many places in Europe. Especially in France, many exhibitions are coming up.

Jennifer Wexler, the exhibition’s supervisor, walks through its aisles without trying to hide her excitement. This project finally sees the light of day after a great deal of work: “What we found from the archaeological record is that at that time, there was a connection between large areas. There was a kind of dialogue going on all over the British Isles but also with the continent. We wanted to show this richness. Stonehenge is only a gateway to this world. People will be surprised because they have never seen anything like it.

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Exhibition "Stonehenge World" Bringing together more than 430 pieces from the British Museum in London, which attests to frequent exchanges and technological advances between the British Isles and the continent.  (Richard Place / Radio France)

Stonehenge was built 4,500 years ago, at the same time as the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Two different civilizations, thousands of kilometers away, but with nature, common concepts that have an essential relationship to the elements: earth, fire, water … If the monumental circle of stones is set up in this way, Stonehenge is not entirely accidental. We now know for sure that those who built it observed the movements of the sun according to the seasons. The position of the stars also plays an important role in the structure of the site.

One of the highlights of this exhibition is taking exactly the same information. The Nebra celestial disk is a 30 cm diameter circular bronze piece found in Germany. It is dated 1500 BC. “This is the first map of the universe that has never existed before. We did not think it existed until this discovery. There we find most of the knowledge and beliefs found in Stonehenge. These alignments, which are associated with important moments of the sun, can also be seen in Nebra’s celestial disk. The longest and shortest days of the year are sunrises and sunsets. We find that the alignment of the stars is particularly useful in agricultural activities. And many more decisive astronomical observations. “, Accurate Jennifer Wexler.

Nebra Celestial Disc A circular bronze piece with a diameter of 30 cm.  Discovered in Germany, about 1500 years before our era (Richard Place / Radio France)

These links between objects, customs, and customs indicate permanent exchanges within the British Isles but with the continent. Also, some of the areas that make up Nebra’s celestial sphere come from Cornwall in the Far West of England.

On the back wall of the dark room, a sun is constantly rising and setting. Definitely reveals most of the pieces connected with the play and stars of light reminiscent of Stonehenge. New Stone Age people were connected, they exchanged, they shared, they were part of the same world, the “Stonehenge World” says the British Museum.