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Four things to remember about an English license

Like all permits issued by a European country, the English permit may be used for a limited period in France. At the end of this, the holder must exchange with the French model. In some cases a process subject to payment (e.g. theft).

When moving to or living in France, a driver’s license can be very useful for a variety of reasons. It is essential for a student or any other type of person, for business trips, leisure, family needs, etc.

Note, however, that foreign permits issued in the UK are subject to regulations. Thus, various questions may arise regarding validity or methods of change. The same goes for A’s subscription Motor vehicle insurance. These are all points that will be discussed continuously in this article.

Is an English license valid in France?

Driving licenses issued by the European Union or the European Economic Area are approved in France. However, Some conditions must be met. Therefore, the holder:

  • Must be at least 18 years old for category B;
  • The revocation of the right to drive or any other restriction in the country of his birth;
  • He should not have sent his license to another state when a ban on French territory attacked him.

Finally, the driver’s license must not expire.

As such, the English license Although the UK withdrew from the EU, it is still usable in France for one year:

  • If the person concerned has been residing in France since January 1, 2021;
  • If the individual settles there after 2021 from its arrival.

During this period, the driver does not have to change it If he does not commit the offense of withdrawing a point. The same is true even if the license is extended.

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How to change your English license in France?

The request is placed on the website of the National Agency for Safe Topics (ANTS). In addition to the above conditions, a Official French translation Must come with permission. If done in the UK, it must be posted or legalized. However, if the transcription is done in France it must be performed by a certified translator.

As for the holder, he must:

  • Have an expired residence permit;
  • Live in France for at least 185 days in a calendar year;
  • If necessary, must have passed a medical examination for fitness to drive.

If these requirements are not met, it is mandatory to check your driver’s license in France.

For documents, it is necessary to send to the responsible persons:

  • Transfer request form;
  • An ID;
  • Two identification photos;
  • Copy of English license;
  • Copy of resident or residence card.

How to get insurance with a foreign license?

It is necessary to provide the correct file to the insurance company to facilitate the procedures. Therefore, it is necessary Ensure regulation of required documents. To assess the history of the insured subscriber, it is a good idea to attach any information provided by the insurer of the country of birth. It should be noted that many companies are reluctant to insure a vehicle operated with a foreign license.

While waiting for change, it is possible Subscribe to Temporary Coverage (few weeks). Companies are more likely to be open to this solution than to support it for a whole year. If the customer faces two denials, he can Enter the Central Pricing Office (BCT). Note that requests must be made by registered letter with receipt approval.

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What is the price of an English license transfer in France?

Subject to English licensing, Exchange is free. In the event of theft or loss, the owner must report it to the police or gender before making his claim. After this a fee will be charged.

At the end of the online methods, The person concerned will be refunded to pay a sum of 25 euros per page. It applies if the license is changed in any way.

For information, The holder can Follow the evolution of web operations. In another register, the new license is not as valid for life as the old one. It is subject to a Renewal every 15 years.

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