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10 best websites with free and paid courses to learn English

Find the best sites to learn English. Free and paid online courses for all levels.

English is a universal language, which means they speak it in many parts of the world, so learning it is generally a dream and goal for millions of people around the world.

But it is not always possible to achieve this for a variety of reasons such as time factor and economic status. However, online courses have made it possible for more people to be at home and have more free time to create projects and goals.

10 best websites with free and paid courses to learn English

Here are the 10 best websites that offer one of them, Learn English and, of course, English learning courses for free or for a fee.

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The best websites with courses to learn English for free

  • Learn BBC English
  • British Council
  • Deolingo
  • புசு
  • Mosalingua

These are the best and most popular websites for teaching and learning English with free lessons. These portals can be easily found on the Internet or through mobile applications.

Learn BBC English

Learn BBC English

Learn BBC English: Free courses and lessons for everyone

Learning The BBC is a page hosted by the renowned BBC television network where you can read English effectively because the Internet has good quality content, divided into two parts. First, we have “courses” that provide user-level courses, and second, there are “features” with specific topics such as pronunciation.

Through this portal, you can learn basic, intermediate, advanced and advanced grammar; Basic and Intermediate Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Spelling Differences and Vocabulary between British English and American English.

In addition, you will study the language in a variety of contexts, such as newspaper review, everyday situations, work and business, the American election, college studies, and social media.

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British Council

British Council

British Council: Grammar, Vocabulary and Online Courses

Dedicate live, interactive and group online lessons, with the best quality lessons, to adult language learners. You get 7 days free trial, private lessons and private lessons online for just $ 1.

Find your current English through the free online exam, check what level you are at, find the lessons, games and exams, the best resources and learning materials to improve reading, writing, oral expression and oral comprehension of English. Additionally, you can improve grammar and vocabulary through games, audios and videos.


Deolingo: A fun way to learn English for free

Deolingo: A fun way to learn English for free

Deolingo is a site not only for learning English, but also for more than 23 different languages, offering free ratings to measure your knowledge of the language. His method is dynamic and personalized, combining language science and artificial intelligence.

It provides reading, translation and writing lessons with completion exercises that you can check in real time. You can use it as a processor on your mobile, you can read anywhere, increase vocabulary and so on.

The app is very intuitive, fun and gives you help and notifications for your pet, Owl Twins. Undoubtedly, Deolingo is one of the best websites now offering free courses to learn English.


Pusu: New language, new life

Pusu: New language, new life

With the Pussu site, you will learn not only English, but also languages ​​such as French, Italian, German, Russian, and Arabic, and it offers more than 1000 lessons designed by experts in teaching foreign languages, promoting machine learning programs that include voice recognition and study.

You will also find grammar and vocabulary lessons, officially certified exams, and conversations with native speakers.



Mosalingua: Learn useful words on this site and speak the language quickly

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Mozalingua offers you three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, with over 6,000 words and expressions to learn a language and use in different contexts to suit your schedule.

You can create your content from your PC and your mobile with interactive flash cards that introduce Spanish and the language you want to master; You can enjoy audios, videos, translations and memorize vocabulary and grammar quickly.

The best websites with paid courses to learn English

  • British Council
  • Corsera
  • English is open
  • உதெமி
  • Bruhaha

Now that you know what are the best websites that offer free learning English courses, check out the list of these paid websites to learn English. Choose the plan that best suits your goals and budget.

British Council

British Council

British Council: Courses for children and adults to learn English

This site provides a link through English, Arts and Education to people in the UK and other countries, where you will receive certificates for teaching English to the world.

In addition, it offers programs and programs for elementary school students in different parts of the world, a weekly live radio broadcast and a community leadership program that develops and develops conversation.


Corsera: Learn without limits

Corsera: Learn without limits

Corsera offers specialized courses, degrees and certifications with the support of more than 200 universities and leading institutions, offering over 4,000 courses in data science, business, information technology, social sciences, health, languages, humanities, arts, mathematics, physics, engineering and more. .

With over 87 million people studying at Corsera, you will find a comprehensive list of personal advice on how to get a promotion or start a business.

English is open

Open English is one of the best sites to learn English

Open English: Learn English quickly and easily from home

Learn English online with your own teachers with 24/7 live lessons from your teacher or through the app; With these academic leaders, you can learn with linguists, prepare for TOIC, IELTS, TOEFL, enjoy a portal that prepares you for exams at no extra cost, and you will receive a certificate for a position.

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Voice recognition, optimal English in your field of work, optimize your pronunciation, you can provide advice via personal progress monitoring and WhatsApp, where you can be a member of the team and interact with other students.


Udomi is another great site to learn English

Udemi: Wide selection of courses for all users

With Udemi, you have 155,000 online and video courses that change content every month; Categories: Design, Marketing, Development, IT, Business, Photography, Languages, Music, Python (HTML, CSS, MySQL, and Flask), Protocol hacking and more.

Learn at your own pace with video lessons from experts, design your cryptocurrency in Python, and become an instructor using the tools and skills provided on the platform.



Babel: Language courses designed for real life

Developed by authors and linguists, Babel teaches more than 14 languages, including listening, speaking, and writing. Lessons that you practice pronouncing in experts and small groups and receiving personal feedback.

It has repetitive voice recognition, interactive conversations, grammar and space. Through games and podcasts, he nurtures culture and linguistics. Classes last 10 to 15 minutes and you can choose the most suitable subscription for your needs.

Now that you know what are the best sites with free and paid English courses, what are you waiting to register for? If you liked this article, feel free to check out all of Google Activate’s free courses.

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