June 18, 2024


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Toulouse: An Englishman was killed in a car crash on the Ring Road near Ernst-Wallen Stadium.

A 51-year-old man was killed on Toulouse Ring Road at around 1am on Monday. According to initial tests, the Englishman may be a supporter of Featherstone Rovers, who played against TO XIII this Sunday.

One person died last night on the Toulouse ring road. The crash happened at around 1am near Ernest Wallen Stadium. According to the first evidence collected at the scene, the victim crossed the 2X2 lanes from the city center to the ground at midnight and took all the risks. The 22-year-old motorist could not avoid it. Despite the help, the 51-year-old died without treatment. He is said to be of English descent.

Why did he decide to cross the Ring Road? Did he not find his way or was his vehicle broken into? The investigation handed over to the police should determine it. The 50-year-old may be a fan of Featherstone Rovers Toulouse faced Olympic XIII This Sunday.

The most shocked driver could not be interviewed. But the results of the samples taken by the police are known: she did not consume alcohol or drugs. His accident can provide more details about the circumstances of this accident.

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