July 22, 2024


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The English referee is coming out

The English referee is coming out

James Atcock, English D2 referee, has openly expressed his homosexuality.

England Football League referee James Atcock has publicly declared himself a homosexual. The 37-year-old became a full-time referee when he was named to the EFL squad in 2016 and also served as the fourth Premier League referee.

On National Visitation Day, Atcock said he has only received the support of colleagues since he appeared in person ten years ago. He believes he can encourage others to speak publicly.

“A lot of referees will think they can not come out because it will affect the progress of the game.” Atcock told the LGBT Sport Podcast (BBC). “But you don’t value your sexuality – and if you have enough confidence, you will have the support of every co-worker and it will not affect you.”

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“People know and accept it”

“Regarding coming out, you have to choose it as a person, but not as a referee. But from the highest level there is no problem.” I am James Atcock and I do not need to wear a shirt I am a homosexual He added.

A fellow English league referee, Atcock, a particular Ryan Atkin, was released in 2017.

Remember that in English rugby, there are these kinds of talks as well. Nigel Owens, the referee for the 2015 World Cup final, and Craig Maxwell Keys, the regular at the Gallagher Premiership, are both apparently gay.

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