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Verneuil-d’Avre-et-d’Iton. Two English language assistants for school students

Get to know two helpers during drinking (© La Dépêche de Verneuil-sur-Avre)

School students in Verneuil-d’Avre-et-d’Iton (Eure), Especially those in elementary school, can learn English this year. Friday, October 8, 2021After lessons, a drink was arranged to welcome two English-speaking assistants in the area in the courtyard of the Marime-Condorset School.

Benjamin McDonald, 22, comes from New Hampshire, USA. He has completed his studies in French and Environment. This is 2e It was time for him to come to France since he had already moved to Paris a few years ago.

Such as McCall Louis, 20, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean island, where he still studies French and linguistics. This is the first time he has stayed abroad.

Themed work

“Our two assistants are there for seven months, that is, until Easter. Their objectives are: teachers each spend twelve hours working together on topics, major American cities, or children’s literature to discuss their culture, which is an opportunity to access English.” Natalie of these, The new education consultant for the district.

Concrete will spend four hours at McCallum College and eight hours at the College in Vern.

Valentin, for his part, will do six hours at Marime-Condorset, three hours at school Powert (yours) And three too Franசoisville (Euro), Designated municipality of Verneuil-d’Avre-et-d’Iton.

“What’s new this year, not only in secondary education, but also in elementary education like Evrex or Louievres.

During the Friday drink, the directors of the three schools – Stephanie Collison To Mérimée-Condorcet, Sophie Delhome To Francesville and Anne Cockmack To the board – I was able to learn about Benjamin McDonald talking to them. Many middle and high school teachers were able to chat with McCullum Lewis.

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