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Comedian Paul Taylor says, “The English are more comfortable with self-mockery than the French

His first stand-up show, # French, As its title suggests, was half English and half French. Since “it went well”, Paul Taylor decided to write a second comment “with the same opinion”. The British comedian will perform on the show titled So British or almost, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th October at the Grand Rex, in
Paris, Before departure “on tour” in France *. To the public, he will describe his adventures on this page of the channel where he has lived for more than ten years, inspire his family life and talk about cultural uniqueness that will not surprise him.

Through your bilingual show, you tend to show that the French are not so bad at English because so many people come to see you, right?

In general, the French are very difficult when it comes to their English level. Proof that this is wrong: we can provide programs in both languages, and people come and understand anyway. It is easier to understand than to speak. In general, you understand English well. I say “you”, but mostly I create an important place with the show. At the Grand Rex, there will be 2,600 people, a small proportion compared to the 8 million people living in Paris. The comment I often get after my show: “Honestly, I thought it was shit in English. I was able to understand everything. Thank you for giving me hope.”

Does the Grand Rex remind you of anything special?

I chose the Grand Rex Olympia Because Olympia represents something for the French. I really like the decor of the Grand Rex, the vibration when you step inside … When you look at the photos at the opening of this room, I find it amazing.

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Do you not feel legal to play in Olympia?

No, it is emotional, it does not represent what it can represent to a Frenchman. So, since the Olympia stadium is small and more expensive to rent, I wondered why not play elsewhere instead. I don’t care because my name is in giant letters on the front – I know it gives a lot of gif to a lot of artists. I know it’s sad, but when I started joking I never dreamed of playing in the L’O Olympia, and unlike a lot of friends that was the ultimate goal.

What are the main differences between English comedy and French comedy?

I find that the English are more comfortable with self-mockery than the French. To make people laugh in movies, series and stand-ups, we are not afraid to belittle ourselves. In France, there are moreHumor Politicians and comedians still have the “star” side. In the UK, we don’t really want to be put forward, for example, on stage, when we are dressed just like everyday life. In France, there is a page that says, “I am famous, I am a star, I am famous.”

What makes the French laugh and make you totally cool?

When there are disguises on stage they are all paintings. I focus more on gaming and more games than I am accustomed to, and we honestly give our perspective on things in life. In the UK, paintings like this were made thirty years ago, for example with Mandy Pythons, but it has become much older – at least not to my English friends and family. I understand that the French can laugh at it because it’s a different kind of joke, but I could not get into it.

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What is the topic to avoid when making fun with English?

Of Brexit ! I think it has become a new, somewhat forbidden subject (laughs). Nor is the football team as good as the French team.

You have been living in France for over ten years. How do you define yourself as Franco-English, Irish-English?

Simply put, I say English because I have an English accent when I speak English. In some contexts I would say Irish-English. For example, when I’m in Spain, I like to accept the French identity because the English are hated there, especially in the south when they go to the party a little more politely “thugs get off at Marbella”. In this context, when I go for a walk with my friends, I speak French and the Spaniards say to themselves: “He’s French, never mind, he’s not English.” “

In your show, you say that creates identity above all accents …

I wondered a lot why I didn’t feel more Irish when I had an Irish passport – my mom was Irish. The question arose when I had to update it. I did not renew my UK passport as there was no meaning in Brexit and, frankly, I did not bother. Come to think of it, because I had an English accent – I grew up in the southeast of England – I could not imagine being Irish in the eyes of an Irish man.

You were hired for a small role in Valerie Lemercier’s movie “Align”, paradoxically, you’re playing a cubes there, with an accent …

(He laughs) I got feedback from someone who saw a preview a little distance from Clermont-Ferrand, and apparently I’m in it. But I thought I would be cut in the amendment.

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* Paul Taylor will play So British or almost October 17 in Lille, November 25 in Ix-en-Provence, December 10 in Saint-Gregory, January 4, 2022 in Nantes, January 25 in Portiax …