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The British Council in France is essential for completing your English

The British Council in France is essential for completing your English

Directly and remotely, the system offers high quality training in Shakespeare’s language, suitable for all levels and profiles of all kinds, students and professionals.

With over 80 years of experience and a network spread across 85 countries, British Council The perfect place to learn English or improve your language skills. The organization, which has been in France since 1944, stands out for its impressive quality of learning and impressive number of resources available to learners. Everything is done to facilitate the task of the latter.

Focus on MyClass

Proof with the program My class It takes place in Paris. Delivered face to face, the latter was built to meet everyone’s needs. In fact, through the named application, the student can select his / her time locations and teacher according to the selected theme after checking his / her status. Julia Diallo, head of education for adults, explains that “if we take the world in which we work, the volumes offered will revolve around vocabulary such as negotiation and writing emails.” Each theme covers 180 hours of teaching at a rate of one and a half hours per lesson.

Here again, the learner is free to organize his schedule according to his duties. The latter buys several credits to be spent over a period of time. If the training lasts for three months, he can easily concentrate all the teaching in a short period of time (for example a month) as he chooses to distribute it for 90 days at his disposal.

The formula includes individual training sessions with a counselor who monitors students’ progress throughout the training class. The British Council’s teaching focuses on communication in situations encountered in real life, either in daily life or in the workplace.

Distance training

The training provided by the British Council is eligible for CPF and is not limited to face-to-face courses. There are also distant formulas. Always innovative, the company makes full use of all the possibilities offered by digital technology by providing a large number of online resources. The British Council (Le Point / Statista 2021 study), one of the top 10 language training institutes in France, now wants to develop individualized courses.

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Among the upcoming initiatives, the launch of a program for students studying in preparatory classes is also in July. Objective: To put them in the best position possible by strengthening their English training before taking on matches for the Grandes Ecoles.

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