July 14, 2024


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An English club goes under the Serbian flag

An English club goes under the Serbian flag

After Newcastle United are currently 19th in the Premier League, a new British organization is transferring owners.

In a statement, the Southampton club revealed that it had been partially acquired by Sport Republic, a Serbian company run by media mogul Dragon Solak. Sport Republic boss Henrik Croft officially spoke to club supporters to announce the color: “We will be an active and committed owner, but we will not start any revolution. Although the first acquisition of Southampton Sport Republic, we expect further investment in the years to come.” According to Sky Sports, 120 million euros would have been spent to acquire 80% of the English club through Sport Republic, 20% owned by minority partner Katrina Lieber.

A pioneer within the England team currently 14th in the Premier League, there has been no upsurge. Martin Siemens, the English club’s sports director, said the club had long been looking for a new owner: “Over the past two years, we’ve been looking for the right partner to take the club forward, and I’m glad we’ve found it.”

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