February 25, 2024


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An English couple buys an entire French village for a ridiculous sum

An English couple buys an entire French village for a ridiculous sum

Becoming a home owner in the UK has become an almost impossible task for thousands of Britons. Questionably, on the one hand inflation accelerated further in July to reach 9.4%, its highest level in forty years, but also real estate prices. As explained indy100 (The Independent), the average price of a house in the United Kingdom was 278,000 pounds (about 331,000 euros) in March, up 24,000 pounds (28,600 euros) in a year. This British couple’s case is symptomatic of the country, tell our colleagues across the Channel.

While expecting, two Englishmen from Kent quickly realized that they would never be able to afford, let alone a small house. So they decide to return to France. This is where they would land in the hamlet of La Basliere in Normandy on the English Channel. There are many cottages in the hamlet, these English-style country houses are usually located in the center of nature. But two sheds, a stable, a workshop, a well, a cider press and a large bread oven. The whole is surrounded by two 8,000 m² plots.

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Now we need to update

It’s a UK Channel 4 show, Help! We bought a village (“Help! We bought city“), the couple revealed that they had become owners of the hamlet while previously living in a caravan owned by a friend, when they explained that someone they knew had put them on the path to a cottage that had been sold for 10,000. Pounds (about 12,000 euros) and although the place was “livable”, they rushed without hesitation. .but realizing that the other cottages were in a state of disrepair, they then contacted others and were surprised to learn that the entire hamlet was for sale for only £12,000 (€14,000) or a total of €26,000.

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Henceforth, everything has to be fixed, a challenge the couple has accepted even if it represents a sum. “We didn’t have a lot of money to do this, but we had to try and we wanted to stop the hamlet from collapsing,” the owners revealed on Channel 4. In the end, happy owners want to build a hamlet. The ideal place for glamping, this type of alternative accommodation can be staying in a trailer or a yurt, but with a certain comfort. In short, transforming this abandoned place into a luxury destination.

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