February 25, 2024


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English supporters dressed as crusaders were denied entry into the stadium

English supporters dressed as crusaders were denied entry into the stadium

Game Scan – The outfits were deemed offensive by the security surrounding the stadium.

Some England fans were refused entry to the stadium during Monday’s match between England and Iran because of the Crusader clothing they were wearing. England fans regularly wear military uniforms with a St. George’s Cross print (red on a white background) to sporting events to symbolize England’s victories in the 11th and 12th centuries.

The dress was deemed offensive by the organization of the event in Qatar. Media from across the channel say the fans were forced to leave the area despite their protests to the authorities, who were very determined. Footage of security checks outside the Khalifa Stadium in Doha showed England fans being held outside and prevented from entering by security.

An association fighting discrimination has warned supporters traveling to Qatar of the risks of deportation linked to the attire, which is so common for supporters. “We advise fans attending World Cup matches that certain costumes such as knights and crusader costumes may not be welcome in Qatar and other Islamic countries.“, explained the group’s spokesperson. The British Foreign Office recommended that British travelers familiarize themselves with local customs.

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Multi-colored bucket hats are also banned from stadiums

Last Monday, supporters of the Welsh selection announced multi-coloured and rainbow bucket hats. Confiscated by stadium security. Grant Wall, an American journalist, confirmed the facts by explaining that he was detained for twenty-five minutes because he was wearing a rainbow-colored shirt. According to this journalist, the security service would have promised “ To protect him from fans inside the stadium who pick on him because of his t-shirt “.

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