August 8, 2022


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An English designer invented an electric car that purifies the air

Typically, car manufacturers envision moving people or goods from one point to another. With the advent of electric cars, they are thinking of making their vehicles more environmentally friendly, although everything is still not clear on this matter. Battery recycling. Thomas HeatherwickThe somewhat crazy inventor thought of something else, and here’s how he describes his new invention: “Our revolutionary new electric car is not only zero carbon, it actually cleans the air. A non-polluting car but in addition, Purifies the air, it was indeed a revolution. But what is this machine? Discovery!

who Thomas Heathervick ?

In France, unless you like design, the name doesn’t mean much to you. This man was an English artist and designer known for his innovative use of engineering and materials in his sculptures; and manufacturing Some famous public monuments. For example, the metal cauldron (coal drop yard) created for the London Olympics in 2012, the new Routemaster buses in London and Cruise from Hudson Yards Public Plaza In New York. To design his air-purifying electric car, he immersed himself in Cuba, one of the only countries in the world where citizens have been driving vintage cars since the 1960s.

Inspired by the German Petal. Photo credit: Heatherwick Studios

What does feedback do?Heatherwick ?

The English designer owns it Baptized at Aero MG (IM Motors) built it for the Chinese franchise. This concept car has a very surprising design because it looks like a Volkswagen Beetle that we would have crushed and then dented on all sides. The cabin is glazed throughout and the doors open like the Star Trek Enterprise. Inside, two rows of seats await passengers, but Swivel seats It will allow residents Sit around a table. It is also possible to convert the seats into beds for use in your car! The Aero is currently in production in China and is expected to leave the factory in 2023. Not only is this model zero-emission, An air purifier If MG can be trusted!

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How did he get this idea?

that Elon Musk Made a revolution Electric cars With its Teslas, Heatherwick It wants to go even further and show that thinking an electric car doesn’t pollute is an illusion. With Aero, he wants to create not only a non-polluting car, but one that can purify the air while driving. To do this, he explains the cars, Electricity or heatReject Tire or brake particles And these fine particles are inevitably found in our lungs. He’s also wary of HEPA filtration systems, because they require particles to be charged to be attracted to the filters in order to absorb pollution. We don’t know if this concept from the designer will see the light of day, but it is of great interest to the Chinese who want cars that are not only used to get around. A car is a fortune tellerHeatherwick Contributes to polluting the atmosphere a day!

Car interior
Car interior. Photo credit: Heatherwick Studios