June 17, 2024


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An English ex-arbitrator, women “must choose to be pregnant or arbitrator”

Former Premier League referee Mark Glattenberg has caused controversy by being asked to speak on British radio Doxport.

If he sees the arrival of female referees in men’s games as a “big point”, Mark Glattenberg has issued a warning, especially considering there is disagreement here and there. In an interview with UK radio on Friday Docksport, Former arbitrator Premier League Said: “The problem for women, and the football referee, is that of course they will have a difficult journey if they are pregnant in referee life. So they have to make this choice: Do they want to be pregnant or do they want to be? Referees?”

“Disrespectful and primitive”

These words caused English rugby player Joe Marler to react on Twitter. “Glattenberg’s answer to my question about female umpires in morning football was disrespectful and archaic,” he said of Sarah Cox, the first woman to officiate an English Premier League match in rugby, “setting the stage for what the world should be like”.

Jane Burton, the chief executive of women’s football, wanted to replace the former Premier League referee. BBC: “Many women in the elite sport can resume their sporting careers after childbirth. Others take longer to choose or need. No situation is a problem. True. Assumptions about female biology and gender roles are childcare, lazy, outdated or completely false.”

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