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Best applications for learning a language (English, Spanish, etc.)

Best applications for learning a language (English, Spanish, etc.)

Learning English or any other foreign language quickly and easily is not complicated unless you have a little goodwill. If you want to learn Spanish, Arabic, English or Chinese, you can find an app to help you do that from your phone.

"I like technology" In different languages

“I like technology” in different languages ​​// Source: Frontroid

Learning English, Chinese (or Mandarin) or Spanish can be very helpful. The first is the international language for business, and the other two are the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. Learning them, like others, is a great way to open up to the world, but also to different cultures. New meetings.

Whether it’s out of duty or you’re looking for a meaningful way to pass the time, learning a language is a great way to explore new frontiers and move forward. To this end, there are many applications on Android and iPhone that allow you to learn a language quickly and easily.

Here is a selection of the best apps for learning to speak a new language.

Deolingo: Complete, free and without registration

Deolingo One of the best online language learning solutions. At first it was completely free and its users were paid by contributing to the translation of the websites. Despite the premium options today, the heart of the app is still there: short and fun sessions to practice writing, understanding and speaking in 10 minutes a day.

French speakers can learn English, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. There are even more languages ​​for those who already speak English well.

The basis of the application is free and no registration is required. However one can create one through Google, Facebook or email address to access or purchase some elements like League.

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In addition, Deolingo offers the pride of place Gambling Achievements, friend organization, daily lines, etc. Many elements that motivate you to restart the application every day.

Alternative: Memory

Remember Based on the same principles of Deolingo: Fun exercises, an inspiring program and only a few minutes a day. Thanks to Memories, you can learn Mandarin or Korean in addition to many European languages.

If you want to upgrade a language you already know, the usage will be very low immediately if you do not pay.

Mosalingua: The importance of oral

Less fun and less welcome, Mosalingua Not one, but many applications (one or more per language on Android, one free on iOS + one premium). It is very complex to master and in terms of self-assessment, it takes a lot of motivation and perseverance to develop a real habit. On the other hand, the system of scheduled revisions on a specific date to memorize the rules and allows the soundtrack to improve its pronunciation from a lower level.

Payment or registration is not mandatory.

Babel: Go further

Service Chat One of the tips for learning a language online. There is a service charge, but it is very extensive. In addition to functions and exercises, the application offers extensive interactive and synthetic lessons in 15 different languages. To ensure a complete and complete education, Babel may be an interesting option.

License YouTubeSubscribe to Frandroid

You will find many exercises that work on your memory and pronunciation, fully mastering all aspects of a language. You can learn German, English, Danish, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

17 euros per month, 40 euros per quarter, 60 euros per semester or 80 euros per year.

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FeelingUp: Learn a language by listening

Instead of providing abstract exercises, PeelingUp Provides you to learn 13 languages ​​through audio books. By listening to texts read in a foreign language and having the transcription and French translation in front of you, you can follow a story as the vocabulary integrates. This original character of Bellingual is an interesting approach and will appeal to those who love novels.

While this is not the best way to learn a language quickly, it is a great complement to work on your listening ability without feeling like you are working.

Peelingup is completely free, but registration is required. You can buy a paid subscription to get new stories, new languages, unlimited songs, news, deleting ads and night mode and offline mode. Count 10 to 15 euros per year depending on the formula.

Band: Chat to learn

Policy Tontem The language you want to learn is to chat with people they have used since birth. So the idea here is to get completely out of the theoretical framework and measure your language skills in real everyday conversations. After all, to understand properly in Rome, with this chat service you can learn directly from a Romanian.

Creating an account is mandatory and each user must use the INSISTS specified by his or her photo. Do not attempt to place an avatar or photo of your dog, your account will be denied.

Google Translate: Bonus

Finally, in addition to the above applications, it is always useful to download Google Translate to find glossary words and translate texts into more than 100 languages. This is a great way for some people to learn English, Especially since we can have conversation in real time, Which is a great way to improve both vocabulary and pronunciation.

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How to learn a language quickly?

Applications and exercises for learning a language are good and allow you to master the basics quickly. Once these are acquired, the best way is to practice frequently by listening, writing and speaking.

One of the most frequently given tips for learning English, for example, is to watch movies in their original version. Subtitle first in the language you understand, then in English, and finally force yourself to listen well when you know the picture well without the verses. Enough to improve your understanding, but also the pronunciation of your words. Sure, it works for all languages, but the choice of movies and series is second only to English.

Likewise, reading books in the language you want to learn is a good way to progress quickly. With An electronic reader, You can easily buy books in another language and translate some difficult words on the fly without pulling your phone out.

Chat is a great way to quickly learn the language with vocabulary suitable for everyday situations. We can not recommend enough to find you strangers to engage in discussions. Whether it’s in forums or penball or dating apps, you will definitely find someone who is happy to talk to you. Above all, do not hesitate to encourage your reporter to correct you if you make a mistake, and ask them to give you a voice as soon as you realize it.