April 20, 2024


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The attitude of the two English clubs to Gerson?

The most expensive rookie in the Marseille summer transfer window, Gerson, struggled to win on the eleven holders of George Sambavoli. Two English clubs would have tried an approach to recruiting the Olympic de Marseille midfielder.

With difficulty on the part of OM, Gerson would have received approaches from two English clubs in line with the team, without identifying the latter. According to his entourage to the question of the sports newspaper, he did not want to leaveOlympic MarseilleThe Brazilian wants a city reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro and the Velodrome. Repeatedly called by Flamenco supporters on social networks, he wants to win at the Marseille Club. The former AS Roma player, who was called up with the Brazilian selection, will have to show a better face when he returns to convince Olympian fans, especially his coach Jorge Sampoli.

I forbid myself to judge him definitively, I am still waiting to see – AIDS

“I forbid myself to deliberately judge Gerson. I’m still waiting to see, I do not think we should hide behind his reservation. Sometimes, he develops into a character comparable to a relay media. Some people saw him well, so I’m barred from judging him, I’m looking forward to seeing him for a long time. Maurat Aires– Source: FCM (31/10/21)

“It’s not always easy. My mind is a bit stuck at this point. I need to focus more on football and have a clear mind to show you the real cursive. I know I’m being criticized, but I have to use this to raise my head … It’s normal for criticism to come up in football. It’s normal to have high expectations because of the high cost of my transaction. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Gerson – Source: Press Conference (10/29/2021)

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