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Tremble, dear Frenchmen, that English wine is coming out of its cellar

Thanks to large investments, including global warming and French housing, the British shining product and quality is exploding, this London newspaper excites. Yet the wines, for their part, are signing a significant turning point.

A thin sky hanging over lush green slopes that one might believe was made of corduroy – closely, one understands that they are rows of vines ripening in the sun -, we are not like this, just imagine the English countryside in general. Wine, drinkers [l’Angleterre], This wet and cold island, has been satisfied with drinking it for centuries, greedily. At best, they produce piquette. Then, in the early 2000s, an estate in Sussex [sud-est de l’Angleterre] Spirits named Nyetimber, Stephen Skelton, Oncologist and Master of Wine [diplôme prestigieux décerné aux meilleurs spécialistes] English, compared to Cloudy Bay [domaine néo-zélandais qui a largement contribué à la notoriété des vins du Nouveau Monde].

Inspired by champagne, in 1988 American owners replaced the German grapes with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, until then preferred by British winemakers. Then they started making elegant sparkling wines with the aroma of roasted almonds, instead of wines with the aroma of red fruit. As global warming began to feel its effects, the grapes became more mature and various products won medals. Other winemakers followed suit, and an entire country discovered these bright wines: “Wait, but they’re not bad!”

Unprecedented mega domain

This rise of Welsh and English wines soon bored us, or almost. You will no longer feel excited at the idea of ​​taking advantage of a public holiday to walk in the vineyards to a local producer, and you will not be surprised to learn that an airline offers first class English glossy wine.

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The sector, however, has shown tremendous growth over the past decade, and Vineyard Farms has submitted a bold project to the Medway community in the south-east of the UK. [en août dernier]. The country plans to invest up to 70 70 million in infrastructure and vineyards, with an additional மில்லியன் 35 million for wine-making equipment. In the last eighteen months, the company has already planted 280 hectares of vines on its 485 hectares of paddy near Kent, making it the largest vineyard in the UK. Eighty hectares are expected to be planted in the next two or three years.

If management gives its impregnator, the Condish Wine Vault [littéralement “cave du Kent”] It can produce up to 5 million bottles a year.

Investments in shovels

When I reported the information to a dealer friend, he was shocked. “But that equals the annual production of the whole country!” Yes, very much. As of 2018, 2014 is the best vintage for the country: produced 6.3 million bottles after harvest. Most recently, the appearance of new vineyards, coupled with exceptionally good weather, led to some swollen harvests, including the unusual 2018. In other words, no matter which node you take it from, the Kentish Wine Vault is a big, huge project.

This raises many questions about the future of wines in Great Britain. The wine industry has come a long way in a short period of time, and many, by ambition or opportunism, are now investing insane money. What could be the margin for the country’s progress in the international arena? What will the sector look like in ten more years? What does the next chapter have for us?

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The atmosphere was exciting for the taste, which was attended by 40 British winemakers and a few hundred tasters at the Royal Horticultural Arena in London in September. This renaissance


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