May 19, 2024


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An Englishman leaves his wife for the Ukrainian refugee they provided: “They ruined their relationship before I came”

An Englishman leaves his wife for the Ukrainian refugee they provided: “They ruined their relationship before I came”

The case caused a great deal of controversy in the United Kingdom. A few days ago, the tabloid The sun Anthony Garnett (also known as “Tony”), reveals the story of Lorna Garnett and Sofia Kardakim, a Ukrainian refugee who fled the city of Lviv. The couple, affected by the war in Ukraine, like many families, decided to open the doors of their home and help the Ukrainian refugee.

If the story seems normal at first, it will soon take a completely different turn! In fact, ten days later, Tony leaves his wife and his two children and goes to his parents … In Sofia’s company, he begins a love story. “I have feelings I never had before on Sofia.t “, he explained to Sun. Mutual feelings, explaining that the young Ukrainian girl fell in love with Tony.”I liked it as soon as I saw it“, She promised.

Everything happened very quickly, but this is our love story. I know people will look down on us, but it’s just like that. We plan our future together“, Explained the young couple.

And for Lorna Garnett, the pill is hard to swallow. “Everything I had built in my life was destroyed in the space of two weeks. Sofia is not worried about the damage caused by that. She told the sun. He explained that he had a reservation before welcoming the refugees, but finally realized.After seeing the “terrible” situation in Ukraine on TV news that it was the right thing to do.

“This is not about me, Tony and Lorna”

The Ukrainian accused of breaking into a house defends himself. “Being with Tony did not cross my mind. I loved the family. I spent a lot of time with Lorna and tried to help her. But she had two faces. She constantly created this situation when something did not happen. So it’s his fault. “ The teenager believes. She tells the tabloid that she has been at the center of conflicts several times within the couple.

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“They ruined their relationship before I came. None of this is my handiwork“Add more:”That was my decision when I left and Tony decided to come with me. “

The young woman also told Sun about her fears regarding the media coverage of the story. “Every British family now says, ‘I can’t come as a refugee because he’s going to snatch my husband away from me.’ It’s not just about me, it’s about Tony and Lorna. “, She explains. “It’s deep. It’s about everything, war, refugees, helping people, everything. In my country, it is important for refugees to receive the assistance they need, and vice versa. ”

“You can not understand how I feel. (…) Now people write to me that I’m a terrible person, that I did something bad to my country. Everyone in the UK thinks the same of me because I take it.“, She defended herself. The young woman insists: According to her, nothing happened to Tony before she left the house.