June 25, 2024


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The British government has a brilliant idea to popularize the use of electric bikes

The British government has a brilliant idea to popularize the use of electric bikes

How to motivate the population, especially the most backward Use the electric bike ? It’s true that the prices of electric bikes make them inaccessible to those with a modest income … In France, many aids are offered to buyers of electric bikes, but this is not the case in the UK. United. In an effort to respond to this problem and to promote the practice of electric bicycles, The Cycling E-asy program Provides for residents Test electric bikes They can feel their worth before they buy it ஒரு An initiative backed by the British government. Presentation.

Initiative of the Association

The free e-bike loan scheme is implemented in the following five regions: Greater Manchester, Leicester, Sheffield, Loton and Dunstable & Hull. These areas are not randomly selected and are classified into identifiable areas The highest poverty level in the country. And the absence of mechanisms is the first criterion. Some may like Switch to electric bike But it can not be bought. With the installation of this project, the triggers of the project hope that 12,000 people will be able to test travel by electric bike!

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Help them take the first pedal stroke …

This is the goal of this endeavor! In concrete terms, every citizen Cities involved The e-bike can be used for a maximum of three months. This program is funded by the British Government and will be tested in one form or another before you purchase. This is to avoid unnecessary purchases and to disable an already tight budget. The project also aims to dispel the myths surrounding electric bicycles To know their qualities, Not in theory, but inside Daily training ! 70 other bicycles such as 930 electric bikes and tricycles Will be made available to residents. Training is provided with each revolving loan, after which users will be left to their own devices which will come into effect in July 2022.

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UK cycling at the center of the project

Cycling UK is a charity that supports and promotes cyclists Bicycle use. Its director Sarah Mitchell announced: The e-Bike project is a unique opportunity to offer free and easy e-bikes to communities across the UK.. So, this plan should help them to choose whether or not to buy later. Should it then be sold at a lower price? More info: cyclinguk.org