May 30, 2024


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An Englishman’s strange and delightful idea to protect the small SNCF lines

An Englishman’s strange and delightful idea to protect the small SNCF lines

Learning English while traveling by train… an idea started by an English-speaking teacher from the Aveyron Chamber of Commerce who offers this special “happy hour” to a diverse audience. A fun but militant pedagogy aimed at protecting the maintenance of small lines. The starting whistle was given at Millau Station (Aveyron).

The train to Béziers (Hérault) pulls into Millau station (Aveyron)…last French signs before boarding the train and speaking English only. However, the Eurostar is a train with nothing. Today, this teacher from the CCI of Aveyron teaches a lesson on rails for adults. Fearghal Mclaughin takes a small group of 10 to 15 people with him. A fun dive that offers a change of scenery for participants of all ages. In the video, Nell Cygnes and Mathilde de Flamenil report.

Duration of video: 00h01mn51s

An Englishman of Irish descent in Milla gives lessons on a miniature railway: a combination of lessons and activity to improve miniature lines.


“Do you recognize villages?” Feargal asks. “I love the landscape. It’s so bad.” A traveler’s opinion. “I love landscapes. There are a lot of mountains and it’s very hilly.”

In between, a well-deserved stop in Compagnac at this English-run inn. A house that looks like a British cottage at teatime. Conversation in English is required.

“I went to England when I was young and it was wonderful!” “I went to England when I was young and it was great” Sharing one of the passengers. “As a trainer, I often encounter shyness in students, Comments fearghal Mclaughin. Let’s talk, we’re going to drink tea. They quickly forget, this should be relaxing.

Author of the invention, FEardrum After all, he’s an activist for small railroads that support communities and small restaurants like this one. “It’s a great way to connect people and improve the area, just like the railroads did before.”

This made Millavois, who was adopted from Ireland, his struggle. He has the weakness of the Beziers-Neussargues line, which was created in 1874 and is 277 kilometers long. “Today, everyone wants to protect the planet. Well, look, there’s this line!”

Since the first edition in 2022, Fergal has brought together 500 passengers on its language routes. To enjoy it again, you have to wait a little. The road will be constructed till June 28.

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