May 30, 2024


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Testimony of an English teacher targeted by a student at Chenôve

Testimony of an English teacher targeted by a student at Chenôve

A 15-year-old school boy who threatened the principal of his school on March 15, went to his classroom.

His life changed last March. An English teacher back from Édouard-Herriot College in Chenôve (Côte-d’Or). Parisian On this day, Friday, March 15, a 15-year-old student, armed with a knife, tried to join his class after threatening the institute director.

“I thought I was going to die,” explains the college English teacher of eight years. “It represented 30 minutes of absolute terror, and we were all huddled in a corner of the room, and there were a few students in my field of vision,” he explains to our colleagues.

“They were in as terrible a condition as I was.”

That day, the afternoon at Édouard-Herriot College was already well underway. Shortly before 3 p.m., the principal prepares to receive a 15-year-old middle school student. He had earlier asked her to arrange a meeting after being excluded from English class.

The youth appeared in his office around 3.20 pm. He gives her a letter. As the principal read its threatening content, the teenager pulled out a knife. The head of the company observes this. She escapes through another door and raises the alarm.

In classrooms, teachers themselves are restrained and pragmatic. The young man tries to return to the class where his English teacher is. The latter is confined to his frightened pupils.

“I saw their tears, I put my hand over their mouths, they were in a terrible state like me,” he explains to Le Parisien. Finally the schoolboy was arrested and the teacher was shocked.

During his trial, the teenager explained that he wanted to “crush her” before changing his mind and wanted “revenge” because, in his words: “to crash a teacher is too serious,” said Oliver Karakotch, the prosecutor of the Republic of Dijon.

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“I wasn’t stabbed, but I felt pain,” says the author. After the incident, he said he neither ate nor slept.

“I was completely hyper,” he says, “for four days, I didn’t recognize myself, I was someone else, overcome by fear. I had no other emotion. I was scared,” he continues to our colleagues.

“I thought rectors had crisis units”

The shock is still there today. “It’s like my personality is shattered,” says the author, who has been followed by a psychologist since the incident. Speaking to Le Parisien, the professor says he feels heard and supported by the judiciary. But despite Nicole Bellobet’s journey, she says she is “confused” about support for national education.

“Innocently, I thought that in the rectories of France, there were crisis units or special units to look after affected teachers,” he explains. Parisian. “Fortunately, I had my lawyer to help me in my endeavors, otherwise I wouldn’t have done anything.” The author received his operational security “only three weeks later, and we’re still discussing the details,” he explains.

The professor did not want to give up his profession. She wants to practice her work, but elsewhere. She requested a transfer. “The ministry offered me a one-year stint in another academy, which would create insecurity and insecurity for me,” he concludes. “Today I have to rebuild myself and look to the future.”

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