February 23, 2024


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An image of English rugby flies to the United States

An image of English rugby flies to the United States

Fifteen in the Japping World Top 10: Best Pro T2 Scorers in Mid-Season

Not only in TOP 14, the transfer market is booming, but on the other side of the channel … this is especially true for the famous Danny Cyprian.

In fact, according to The Rugby Paper, the current starter will fly from the Bath to the United States and more precisely to the side of the Dallas Jackels. A trend that has been confirmed as 34 years old is that he has been preparing to leave for several weeks. On social networks, 10 to 16 choices were announced:

” My last games in England are still in a corner! I decided to leave to find a new country and make good memories with my family.

Cipriani should have known about his third championship after the Premiership Super Rugby, hence the Major League Rugby. A good move for Dallas to bring in a quality starter with any one dazzling ability.


Danny Cypriani is set to join the Dallas and Jacques squad next season. At 34, he wants to accept the last challenge in a new country.
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