July 23, 2024


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Gareth Southgate of England urges fans not to cheer on the Italian anthem

Gareth Southgate of England urges fans not to cheer on the Italian anthem

Gareth Southgate has warned England fans not to cheer on the Italian national anthem during Sunday’s Euro 2020 final.

The Football Association has been fined 6,66,600 (, 000 36,000) by the UEFA after a series of incidents involving supporters in Wednesday’s semi-final victory over Denmark. A laser pen shone in the eyes of Danish goalkeeper Caspar Schmeichel as the firecrackers were extinguished and ‘obstacles’ were identified during the Danish anthem.

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With about 65,000 fans expected at Wembley on Sunday night to beat England Italy in 55 years and win the first match, Southgate said: “Our fans must always respect the opposition.

“Actually when we play overseas, when the fans grow our anthem, we know it motivates us even more. So I don’t think it helps the team. I think we can intimidate the team by shouting at each other during the game, but it’s different to the anthem. We have to be respectful. “

Before hundreds of fans gathered outside St George’s Park, the England team received messages of support from Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“It was wonderful to have a letter from the Queen, a letter from the Prime Minister to the whole team and recognition that the soldiers and all the staff did it the right way,” Southgate said. “We had a wonderful welcome when we left St. George. All the local villages lined the roadside and people were dragged to the rest areas, so you know very well what’s going on outside the bubble we were in. But it’s always coming up tomorrow, we’re here to win the final. We are.

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“The way we represented the people is important. We’m glad the legacy is here, but now everyone wants to take the trophy home.”

Southgate said former players and even Hollywood movie stars congratulated them.

“We asked you to contact Tom Cruise last night and you will get everyone who loves football,” Southgate said. “The vast majority of people around the world love football, so it’s great to have this support not only in the UK, but all over the world, so it was a great time for all of us, we enjoyed every moment, so we can not wait to finish the job with confidence.”

When it comes to the team’s body shape, Bill Foden is skeptical of the game because he missed the team’s last workout with a leg problem.

“We were on the bus for a few hours, so the medical team will give us the final update on this,” Southgate explained. “But he’s definitely skeptical, even if it’s not something serious, it’s a matter of whether he’s going to get him out of this particular game.

Captain Harry Kane will lead England’s attack as he lifts the trophy and wins the Golden Lock for finishing first in the tournament. Kane failed to find his net in England’s first three games, but now four goals are under his belt, with one of the captains Cristiano Ronaldo and Tottenham Hotspur striker explaining how he learned to keep his mental energy after the 2018 World Cup experience. In Russia.

The 27-year-old Golden Boot won that match, but has failed to score in England’s last three games because they were fourth.

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“Don’t get me wrong, I scored three or four goals in the group stage and I want to continue from there with a fantastic start,” he said. “It’s about energy. I felt at the World Cup that it was a fantastic start, starting in Tunisia and scoring at the last minute. A lot of energy was used emotionally after this game, just like that.

“Panama, well, we had an incredible game. I managed a hat trick. And a lot of talk, a lot of mental energy. Colombia [in the last 16] It was the same. Not only physically, but also mentally, I felt a little lost towards the last stages.

“So going to this place with a little more experience, it didn’t take too long, I get the score, I don’t get the score.

“Obviously we will win games, which is the most important thing, so it’s important to stay this time, not be carried away, as a player, as a team, we’re on the right track, thankfully it’s worked well. To get that experience, learn to play in major tournaments. I think this is part of the curve. I hope I have enough to finish work tomorrow. ”