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Danish family “attacked by English fans surrounding their bus from Wembley” – Marseille News

Danish family “attacked by English fans surrounding their bus from Wembley” – Marseille News

Eva Green said the attack did not help her son support England in the upcoming final against Italy

A pro-Danish family talks about being attacked by dozens of English fans after the Euro 2020 semi-final in Wembley.

The gang sent the nine-year-old boy to run over the bus after his father stabbed him in the stomach.

Eva Green, 43, with her sleeping son Henry on her way home to her American husband Lane, saw about 40 UK supporters see their Danish shirts through the bus windows.

He told the Evening Standard: “They started knocking on windows and doors and screaming and screaming.

“They started filming us. It was embarrassing and weird because we weren’t involved with them – we just wanted to get home.”

Frightened that the bus driver had allowed the crowd inside, Henry fled upstairs.

His mother followed, turned around with him, and said, “A boy jumped and hit (husband) in the stomach.”

England fans flooded across London after the Three Lions beat Denmark 2-1 (Photo: PA)

Danish fans cheer the team ahead of the semi-final between England and Denmark.  A crowd of English supporters reportedly attacked a Danish supporter as his son fled on the top floor of a bus after the euro.
Danish supporters say they noticed English supporters sitting on their stands (photo: PA images)

Police clash with English supporters near Leicester Square

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As the bus went upstairs, fans gave the family “jerk-off” hand signals.

Ms Green said: “My husband, who is actually American, was very angry and said they should be ashamed of themselves, that they were insulting the English team. The England team deserves better fans.

When the Three Lions face Italy on Sunday, she and her husband are trying to persuade Henry to support the UK, the digital communications manager said.

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Who warns Italian children “as Henry said”? “,” Added the mother.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that they were investigating the attack at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday following England’s 2-1 victory.

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Wembley Stadium had reserved 8,000 seats for Danish fans, but many claimed their positions had been thwarted by three Lions supporters.

Jeanette Jorgensen, who has lived in West London for 15 years, told The Guardian that the game had “shaken itself up”.

He says a group of six or seven English fans, aged 20 to 40, tried to carry his Danish flag and pulled his hair out.

“I could not believe what was happening. It was very scary, ”he said.

When she and her relatives left the field after the match, she was told, ‘You are not here.’

British fans assemble a double-decker bus near Leicester Square

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B.A.  Wednesday and took them to the Euro 2020 final against Italy, their first major final since the 1966 World Cup.
Fans clash with police after a tough game on Wednesday (Photo: PA)

Compulsory Credit: Wook Walsick / Sofa Images / Shutterstock (12201091c) Photo England football fans wrapped in English flags celebrate England's victory over Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-final in Leicester Square.  Thousands of cheering supporters gather in central London to celebrate England's place in the final of the Euro 2020 football championship as England football fans celebrate their victory over Denmark.  England - England - Euro 7 - July 7, 2021 in the Euro 2020 semi-finals
England fans split up overnight in central London after the game (Photo: Shutterstock)

Many Danish fans, as well as the Danish Football Association, report that English fans are sitting in the Danish divisions.

Mrs. Jorgensen says an “English guy walks up to this kid and tries to get him out of his seat.”

He said: “It was a terrible experience. We had to buy our tickets through DPU because they wanted us all to sit together.

“I don’t know what happened, but of course there were a lot of English fans among us, which made the atmosphere a little more emotional. I think some people were a little scared because they were so aggressive.

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A few Danish fans who have had similar bad experiences have posted on Facebook groups, warning Italian fans against the behavior of English fans.

However, Ms Jorgensen said there are a lot of English fans who do not behave badly.

England face Italy on Sunday in the final of England’s first Euro match since 1966.

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