April 18, 2024


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A Decisive generous front game.

This morning, the British daily The sun Danes beheaded them by breeding their flag with two strips of bacon with sandwich bread slice and ketchup. “We eat you for breakfast” , Refers to the verse of the ad. The height of the tease, which was published in the pages of a Danish newspaper B.D..

The The sun Done One of his Of this film, but with a different title. “Take the pork home” , Read on the cover this morning: A note for discussions about the import of Danish pork at the time of Brexit, Denmark being the main supplier of Great Britain in this matter.

The Scandinavian media certainly expected a lower blow because it also blew up a poster highlighting patriotic values. It doesn’t come home … we come home! » , The clear and flawless message mocks the English anthem, which crystallizes the quarters towards England from the start of the match. Some of these words refer to the Danish people in control of the end of the IX south of the British Isles, in the context of the Danish flag, and not to mention the eye-catching Vikings.e Century, and we will rename them as Normans. Description released … on the day The sun.

So, a house on either side of the North Sea.

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