June 18, 2024


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Euro football: Good gesture of English players during victory

The English players have decided to make a very generous gesture if they win the final at this Euro.

Except that it made Queen Elizabeth II very happy, The victory of the British in this Euro may help many associations.

11 million euros for associations

NHS is the English language organization that unites all the associations in the country.

The premium is estimated at around 11 million euros or around 500,000 euros per player, so it goes straight to all types of associations.

UK players have agreed to share their Euro 2020 bonus with NHS charities.

The team will receive $ 9.4 million if they beat Italy in the final.

But the team did it all in the NHS.

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– talkSPORT ud83c udff4 ?????? (alkTalkSPORT) July 11, 2021

This is not the first time such a gesture has taken place in the euro. Theory Henry donated his salary for the month of June, As assistant coach to Belgium, to charities, after being eliminated in the quarterfinals.

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