May 26, 2024


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We will stop believing that Chuck in English!

If you tell your adults to speak English, you will often get objected to. However, with decades of growing globalization, what is our relationship with English today, especially with the new generation?

Many link in English

We know that the new generation is actively connected. A study by the European Commission in 2011 indicated that 80% of data published on the Internet was in English. Regardless of their navigation, sites, technical tools and support, the websites consulted so these young people continue to be exposed to English. It’s hard to escape from that!

A generation of communicators

Our desire for social relationships and interaction is as important as ever, but they are different. New generations express themselves a lot, consistently, and through the various applications available to them. It’s true that even instant messaging, chats or forums or social networks, technologies and most recently the rise of digital have favored this protein communication. Previously, expression was so well-designed that on the one hand speaking and on the other, each had their own code; Active or passive contact. Today, we find a shortcut between the confusion of genres, widely used speech, and syntactic writing, even without barriers (mistakes? Not so important to them!). In France, everything that led to learning our language – in all foreign languages ​​in general – had grammatical respect, structure, good practice, and of course no mistakes. New generations are bringing us to a different territory. Our young people are barred by syntax, and they don’t even care. They also have no fear that previous generations had flawless spelling. The essential is in another place: you have to start, you have to talk. No more fear! Furthermore, the distance allowed by digital extends to communication. After all no one is behind the scenes! This hunger for communication, this exposure to languages ​​has really increased with all technologies. Young French people speak and it doesn’t matter if they make a mistake. Also, in terms of languages ​​this campus is only perceived by our fellow citizens. Our European neighbors are talking, that’s all.

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Series, the driving force behind the use of English

The series has arrived! Very popular among young people, they are available everywhere. Reissue on TV screens, VOD, PC, mobile and especially between new listening platforms like Netflix, Amazon … Millennials and our little ones spoil the choice. That The series – mostly English-speaking – has unknowingly exposed the English language for years. Especially since there are subtitles for help. In contrast, previous generations were eventually expressed to the English only through songs.

More fun language learning

Since the new curriculum in 2002, English has officially occupied an important place in primary education because a one-time slot is now dedicated to it. Little by little, learning gradually entered families with more and more fun, coherent product tools (applications on tablets, computers, web programs, etc.). Thanks to the most intuitive educational games we learn with children. These learning resources are accessible 24 hours a day and facilitate training. As the new generation becomes more active, related to oral, visual and auditory, education has been replaced with adequate production tools. With the advent of artificial intelligence, we are discovering individuals’ preferred learning methods in particular – and personalized learning.

So, initially, English migrated to higher education with young students. For 10 years, students of computer engineering schools have confirmed their curriculum with their test score. TOEIC®. Moreover, this score rises every year, especially among young people.

You will understand, the younger generation are more versatile to English, less intimidating, more open to the world; It promotes learning in a foreign language and especially in English. We have entered a highly-connected, communicative community where oral language takes precedence over written language. After all, these young people have more and more fun and personalized learning tools. We are progressing in English, so bad for the boopers!

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TOEIC® – 1st issue of the 1st French barometer of candidates for the ETS Global Test: