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Top 10 English drivers at the Grand Prix: Slots 2 and 1

Though brilliant nowadays, the English were once number one at the motorcycle Grand Prix. The Anglo-Italian rivalry of the 1950s was the most beautiful introduction to the World Cup, before any media broadcast. In the 70s, the country marked the history of sports most beautifully; Currently, only Italy and Spain perform better in the number of titles. We’re back with the brand new Top 10! The time for classification has come.

This chapter follows The fourth part, Released yesterday. Find the first part that explains the selection rules and criteria Same here.

N ° 2: John Surstice

We see Johnny in the second phase, a place he never used to occupy on two wheels in his eight-year career. In fact, Sersties is a winner, May be the biggest winner of all time.

If we only talk about statistics, it is n ° 1 without discussion. 51 starts, 45 stages, 38 wins. Quite simply, this is the best rate in history. Investigators began his career in 1952 Norton Like many of his comrades, he made a name for himself among the future stars of the world.

His success in Ulster Grand Prix 1955 confirmed its position and attracted the attention of Count Augusta. The next year, he won the handsome Italian at the 500cc Championships. The strategy of the MV is simple: John Sursteys at 350cc / 500cc, and Carlo Upali In small categories.

John Sersties in front of the Assen crowd at the 1960 Dutch Grand Prix photo: ANEFO

The Italian company began its journey forward, ending a decade later. Service won six titles in three years, bringing his total to seven. Englishman you were completely insanely invincible As stated in this article.

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The genius retired in 1960, at the height of his career. Why so soon ? Johnny had desires elsewhere Formula 1 And 24 hours of Le Mans. In 1964 he won Jim Clark (Or his Lotus) and won the F1 World Champion title over Ferrari, unique in history.

Why was he not there in the first place? At first glance, his life is more interesting than life itself Mike Halewood. However, it is necessary to take into account the level of competition that did not exist in the late 1950s.

It is for this reason that it is difficult to get past him. Heilwood had Acostini, and Remo Venturi was for the Cersties (with all respect).

N ° 1: Mike Halewood

Highwood (left), with Ralph Bryans during training in Assange in 1966. Photo: ANEFO

This is the ranking type and it doesn’t take a lot of thought to put it at No. 1. Immediately, Mic ைக் bike Location, his place. Its story is told in three parts Saga A few days ago, Which is why we will not live his life.

Greetings to the inventors, Mike Halewood Nine-time world champion and four-time champion in the 500cc (1962, 1963, 1964 and 1965), 14-time Isle of Man DT winner, The superstar of the sixties, the main enemy and rival of Giacomo Agostini, a rather decent pilot.

For its impact at the World Grand Prix Championships, it cannot be accommodated ” Bike In the first place. Its name inspires mythology, legend and to this day.

His light is more than that Read on, Sheen And, even in the hearts of many fans «Roy» Ago. Unfortunately, the British left us early, in a road accident at the age of 41.

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If the N ° 1 spot has never been discussed, what a pleasure it would be to reconsider all of these champions. The UK is not in the lead now, but the past should not be forgotten. See you soon for other rankings!

Cover: ANEFO