July 22, 2024


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Even in France, English often takes precedence

Even in France, English often takes precedence

This Quebec writer is attacking this trend within the internationalization of companies and institutions in France and the international organization of Francophony. Emmanuel Macron will take over as EU president next year and plans to make French the first European language.

“In Paris, mr. Macron, it only happens in English ”, Says Normont Lester Journal of Montreal. The French president recalled proposing a strategy three years ago “Give the French language back its place in the world”, And Paris wants to take over the leadership of the camp in 2022 and make French the first language of the European Union, insists a senior editor of the Quebec Nationalist Daily:

The French government must first notice what is going on at home.

Lester mentions it first “Fewer and fewer French companies dare to adopt a corporate name in a language other than English”. He adds:

Many companies in France operate in English. The French unions have already asked for help [du syndicat de la Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec] See how they can make sure their workers are doing their job



The biggest headline is distinguished by its passion for headlines and news. Created in 1964, it soon became the largest circulation in Quebec and the second in Canada. Paradoxically, this is at its core


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