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Top 10 English Drivers in the Grand Prix – Slots 8 and 7

Though brilliant nowadays, the English were once number one at the motorcycle grand prix. The Anglo-Italian rivalry of the 1950s was the most beautiful introduction to the World Cup, before any media broadcast. In the 70s, the country marked the history of sports most beautifully. Currently, only Italy and Spain perform better in the number of titles. We are back with a new top 10! It’s time for classification.

This chapter follows Part II. Find out Introduction, Explains the selection rules and criteria.

N ° 8: Percussion Anderson

Here we face a very large area. His case deserves a full article. Born in 1909, Ferguson was heavily involved with British government officials during World War II. His name also appears Adolf Hitler’s “Black Book”, Lists men who have tried ” In danger To the Nazi regime.

He was interested in motorcycles and participated in the first World Championships Gucci Motorcycles. Also, it was the only brand Anderson rolled out in his life, a rare thing at the time. His fame and his grip allowed him to become a professional in his forties.

The Gucci project worked well, in particular 350 cc. And en 500 cc., Categories he was able to win without fail. 1953 was undoubtedly his best year: he defeated Enrico Lorenzetti to win his first 350cc World Championship, but also won the event Spain’s Grand Prix 500cc

At 44 years and 273 days, Which is the oldest winner so far. The worst part is that in 1954 Fergus put this card back on Won the second 350cc title, Before retiring from the world. A sports company, unfortunately can not get high in the rankings due to the number of seasons, very low due to his large age. The warrior went missing in 1956 in an accident at a small race.

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Anderson and Lorenzetti, Assen in 1954. Photo: ANEFO

N ° 7: Cecil Sandford

Breaking through senior Anderson from Sandford was not easy, There is debate there too. In the end, it is the consistency and diversity of Blackley’s ancestry that wins.

Born in 1928, Cecil started motorcycle racing at the age of 22. Its results in grass races, even before the start of the world’s first race, will give it a good name. A.J.S. Bet like him Leslie Graham, Will no doubt find out again in a few days.

Sandford, Refers to its sustainability, without exceeding the expectations surrounding it. He followed Graham MV Augusta in the 1952, 125cc division: Click It. He crushed the competition and brought back the first title of pilot world champion for the Italian company.

Despite the good results regardless of the law, the years ahead were very complicated. After a five-year famine, Cecil won the 250cc World Championship, before retiring from the game.

At the time of writing, Sandford is the oldest surviving survivor after death (97 years) Carlo Upali Last year.

We will meet tomorrow to find n ° 6 and n ° 5 places in the rankings.

Cecil Sandford, a great man.

Cover: ANEFO