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Provence Luberon Real Estate: British Resale, French Return

With the departure of English following Brexit, buyers have more choices to buy a home in Provence or Luperon. Sotheby’s International Realty France Analysis – Monaco.

The French no longer compete with the English

“Now is the time to buy in Provence and Lube, because there are so many different products, some of which have been on the market for a while, and there are fewer foreign buyers raising prices.” Alexander Croft, President and CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty France – Monaco. To proceed: “This is good news: the French are buying back Second houses It is at the right price. »

What is the reason for restarting this process? ” When the French rediscovered their country, the British sold their property, Alexander Croft responds. As a result, the French are no longer competing with foreigners as they once were..

The health crisis and imprisonment have strengthened the French ‘desire to escape. ” We have seen a real change in the behavior of future buyers: from taking information and long search, we have gone to active buyers, eager to make their dream of buying come true. », Relatives Pascal Danio, Director International Realty of Provence Lபberon Sotheby’s.

Provence and Luberon create the French dream

Provence and Luberon are the object of dreams because they retain a natural and real aspect that is very popular with holiday makers. ” Luberan appeals because it is a protected land, but is well served by DGV, motorway … and has changed Delivery’s strong arrival perspective in everyday life: you can stay a few more days at your residential high school to work while enjoying an exceptional living environment From home. », Pascal adds Danio.

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Customers of Sotheby’s International Realty Network are usually looking for a home within walking distance of a village center such as Cortez so they can easily stay at home as they move quickly to a cafe or restaurant. Pascal Danio adds: “ We need to realize that Mont Ventax attracts people from all over the world, that there is a palace on the Cortez, and that the cultural landscape is being redesigned with new art galleries, and the area has welcomed many famous artists since the war. »

800,000 euros and up to 10 million euros

In Provence and Louvre, in all price segments of the network, entry-level goods range from 800,000 to 1.5 million euros, ranging from 1, 5 to 3 million euros, but this activity is starting again. High sector between 3 and 10 million euros. ” For example, we recently sold for almost 9 million euros. We did not see such a transaction for a long time, and the property was purchased by the French. This sale illustrates well the renewed confidence of the French in the summer markets. », Pascal excites Danio.

The budget of the average buyer? 1 to 1.3 million euros

“Although we see a handful of people returning with substantial budgets, most buyers have a budget of around -1 1-1.3 million. The criteria vary greatly. Beautiful stones, lush greenery or even a swimming pool are part of the expectations. », Reports Pascal Danio. The investment aspect should not be ignored and the region understands this by tightening the laws related to construction. In this picture, the wonderful village of the assorted Cortez is very famous.

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