March 3, 2024


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Revolutionizing English learning for children around the world

Revolutionizing English learning for children around the world

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In today’s increasingly globalized world, mastery of English is becoming an essential skill from an early age. With this in mind, Novakit stands as a pioneer in the field of learning English for children. Founded by Max Azarov, Novakid is not just one Online learning platform, rather a dynamic community that brings together young English learners from over 50 countries. At the heart of this initiative is an innovative methodology and a unique approach that encourages deep practice. In this article, we will explore the essence of Novakit, its impact on children and why more parents trust this educational platform.

A World Without Borders: The Work of Novakid

More than 500,000 parents trust Novakid, Europe’s number 1 online school, to help their children learn English. Novakid stands out for its ability to create a global community of learners, allowing children to practice English in small groups or even in private classes with their own tutors. This approach not only develops their language skills but also fosters meaningful interactions with children around the world. Novakid positions itself as the ideal starting point for a borderless educational journey.

Max Azarov: The father behind Novakit

Novakit’s origins lie in the personal need of its founder, Max Asaro, a father of three. Lacking satisfactory options to help his own children continue to practice English, Max decided to create a solution. The Novakid method is based on the idea that learning should be a fun and engaging experience. With an emphasis on immersion where lessons are taught exclusively in English, children do not realize they are learning. A fun and interactive educational experience is key to engaging children.

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Why Novakit? Parental experience

Parents choose Novakid for two main reasons. First, their children love learning with Novakid. Contrary to often pessimistic expectations, children become fully invested in lessons and ask for more. Second, the flexibility of the online experience is a major plus. In a world where kids are busy with busy schedules, scheduling lessons at the family’s convenience is a boon. Novakid offers a flexible and practical alternative for parents concerned about their children’s education.

The future of languages ​​according to Max Asaro

When asked about the future of language learning, Max Azarov expresses the belief that learning focused on regular interactions with native speakers will become more important. As the world moves towards increasing globalization, the ability to communicate effectively with people from different cultures is becoming an important skill. In this evolution, Novakit wants to play an important role by creating an international community that trains together from an early age.

Novakid is emerging as an innovative force in children’s education, offering a unique and engaging approach to learning English. Max Azaro’s vision, combined with Novakid’s groundbreaking methodology, promises to shape the future of language learning for generations to come. By helping children around the world connect and grow linguistically, Novakid sets new standards for truly global education.